8th October 2023 - 8th October 2023

Level 1 - Session Coach - Starting Your Coaching Journey & Empowering Archery (Part 1) - Harrow - Codes 23-CJ-26 & 23-EA-35

Level 1 - Session Coach - Starting Your Coach Journey & Empowering Archery (Part 1)


Starting Your Coaching Journey & Empowering Archery (Part 1) will be an in-person 1 day training event.


Date:   Sunday, 8 October 2023


Time:  10am-5pm


Address:   The Bowmen of Harrow Archery Club, The John Lyon School Sports Ground, Sudbury Hill, Harrow HA1 3SB


Cost:   £75 


About Starting Your Coaching Journey:  This is the first place to start if you are wanting to become a coach.  Being a coach is in itself is a learning journey, where we adapt and refine our skills by learning from our experiences. This module identifies simple yet must-have skills for coaches, including how to use reflection and feedback to take action towards improvement


About Empowering Archery (Part 1):  Empowering Archery focusses on how we can create the best environment to optimise people’s experiences, retain them in archery, and help them achieve their goals.  The workshop is open to anyone involved in running a club, coaching others, officiating, or parenting a young archer.  You will learn how to create the optimal environment for the people you are responsible for in your archery club.  The topics explored include:

  • ‘Empowerment’ is a word often used, but what does it mean?
  • Health benefits of archery
  • Building blocks for an empowering climate

Our work is underpinned by established research on motivation and also specific research in archery.  It is delivered in partnership with the University of Birmingham.


Further guidance:  Prospective coaches should read the ‘Guidance for Learners - Session Coach Qualification’ to find out more about what this qualification entails, which can be found at  https://www.archerygb.org/coaches-judges-volunteers/coaches/session-coach-level-1/.


What you need to attend:  You do not need any previous coaching experience to attend the workshop.  There will be approximately 16 learners in attendance, thereby creating a personalised learning experience and providing opportunities for you to interact with the course deliverer and the rest of the group.


How to attend:  Once payment has been made for your entry fee, you will receive a payment confirmation email.


If you have any questions about the module, please e-mail coaching@archerygb.org


The Bowmen of Harrow Archery Glub, The John Lyon School Sports Ground, Sudbury Hill, HARROW, United Kingdom, HA1 3SB

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