Junior Archery Series

The Junior Archery Series is a five stage youth competition that runs between 20 May - 10 September

The Junior Archery Series  (JAS) is a five stage youth competition that is quickly growing into one of the biggest UK Youth events. There are four stages and a finals that make up the event.

To see the current standings after stage one, use the button below:





Stage 1 - Northern York Archers Saturday 20 May 
Stage 2 - Southern Woking Archery Club Saturday 17 June
Stage 3 - Youth Festival Lilleshall

Monday 31 July - Friday 4 August

Stage 4 - Midlands Meriden Archery Club  Saturday 19 August 
Stage 5 - Finals Deer Park Archers

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 September

Bow Types

This a fully inclusive event and open to archers of all bow types - compound, recurve, longbow and barebows will be able to gain points at the stages in both Junior Men and Junior Women categories. In an event where there are a low number of entries, a joint decision may be taken by the Event Jury (Tournament Manager, Tournament Organiser and Chief of Judges) to combine categories and/or genders in order to make it a more competitive event.


A single WA 50/70, AGB 122-50/30 or 80-50/30 will be shot as a qualification round (6 arrows in 4 minutes), followed by head-to-head eliminations at the applicable distance listed below:


Age category





U21 50m - 80cm

70m - 122cm

70m - 122cm

50m - 122cm

U18 50m - 80cm

60m - 122cm

60m - 122cm

50m - 122cm

U15 50m - 80cm

50m - 122cm

50m - 122cm

50m - 122cm


30m - 80cm

30m - 122cm

30m - 122cm

30m - 122cm

Age Categories

Age in 2023 - simplified, your birth year dictates your age category.

Year of Birth

Age Category

2003, 2004, 2005 U21

2006, 2007, 2008


2009, 2010, 2011


2012 or later


Ranking Points

At each event every archer will accumulate points based on your placing in both the qualification round and head-to-head eliminations. These points will count towards determining the overall JAS category Champions. Results from the stages along with the current ranking for the series will be published following the event online.


Junior Masters

Qualification to the junior masters will be available by two methods in 2023:

  1. A junior archer achieving JMB/MB/GMB since the previous Junior Masters
  2. By completing in 3 of the 4 Junior Archery Series stages
Grand Final

The top 4 ranked archers present in each class and division will compete for one place in the Grand Final shoot off. Following the class and division shoot off, the winners proceed to the Grand Final shoot off within their gender and bowstyle, which will be irrespective of age. The class and division shoot off and Grand Finals will be a sudden death elimination format where each archer will shoot 3 arrows in 2 minutes at their respective distance. The archer with the lowest score drops out, until the winner is left. 

(For more detailed information of the event format please see the documents in the Resource section of this page).


Archery GB medals will be presented to the winners immediately following the finals at Deer Park. Other awards may also be presented from sponsors of the series, as applicable at the time of the finals.

How to enter

For further details and to find out how to enter please refer to the event information page on the Members' Portal. All events will be listed as "Junior Archer Series", and are now open for entries. The closing dates for the 3 Regional Stages close 7 days before the event or when it’s full.

Event Entry
Stage 1 - York Archers Click here
Stage 2 - Woking Archery Club  Click here
Stage 3 - Youth Festival  Click here
Stage 4 - Meriden Archery Club Click here

For any questions relating to individual Stages please contact the relevant Tournament Organiser. Anything else please contact Peter Hughes on team.cwaa@gmail.com or 075 3333 5105

Further information 

The decision of the Competitions and Events Manager will be final. 

Please refer to Archery GB Rules of Shooting in the Resources section of this page for dress regulations, all archers should comply with dress regulations until after presentations of the awards. 

Archers competing at record status tournaments may be subject to testing. Competitors who are approached to give samples must comply; non-compliance will be treated as a positive result. By entering this competition, you consent to testing, this is in line with UK Anti-Doping Policy, Rule 5.7.2. 

Smoking/vaping is not permitted.

Event formats can be changed on the day due to unforeseen circumstances by the competition manager, organiser and judge in charge in collaboration with competitors. 

In accordance with World Archery rules, searches for lost arrows must not delay shooting groups. Please report all lost arrows to the tournament organiser on each day, upon completion of scoring.

Animals will not be allowed, except for assistance dogs.

By entering this event you agree that details such as Name, Bowstyle, Category or Club may be published in documents or lists relating to the event, and at a schedule decided by Archery GB Competitions.

Starting List will be published on the day. Please contact the organiser if you need confirmation of entry. Results will be published on the Archery GB website. 

Your email will be used for entry acknowledgement. 

All entries will be treated in accordance with the Archery GB privacy notice and subject to Archery GB’s competition terms and conditions.

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