August 16, 2021

Barnsley National Tour Stage 5

The last leg of the AGB National Tour concludes at Barnsley Archery Club in preparation for the finals.


Starting off the day with the qualification round, Ella Gibson came first for the women with 705, and Adam Ravenscroft came first for the men with a 716, breaking the UK record which has stood at 710 since 2012.

In the semi finals, Ravenscroft beat Rhys Harper 146-142 to send him to the gold final, and Oscars Lock beat Carl Richards 147-145 to also make it to the gold. The bronze final saw Richards shoot a 148 against Harper's 142 to secure him the medal. And going for gold, Ravenscroft and Lock had a tightly fought match, but it was Lock who got an extra point to take the gold medal, 149-148.
For the women's semi finals, Ella Gibson beat Susan Corless 148-142, and I was able to take Sarah Prieels to a tie with 143, and in the shoot off I shot a 10 to Prieels's 8 to get to the final. In the bid for bronze, Prieels was able to gain a three point lead over Corless with a 147-144 to take the win. In the gold final, myself and Ella had a closely match throughout, but in the end my 148 was not enough to beat Ella's UK record-breaking 150.



After the qualification round, for the recurve men, Keith Harding topped the leaderboard with 663. And for the recurve women, Jaspreet Sagoo shot 665 to secure the top spot, only one point away from equalling the UK record.

The first semi-finals match for the men saw Keith Harding beat Conor Hall 6-2 to get him to the gold final. For Michael Judd and Stevie Kent, the match was fought all the way to a shoot off where both archers shot a 9, but Judd's won on the measure. In the bronze medal match, Kent managed to gain 4 points, however Hall took the match and the bronze 6-4. In the gold final, Judd was able to beat number one seed, Harding, 7-3 to take the win for the last tour stage.
For the women, Jaspreet Sagoo only let one set win slip to Eleanor Brug, taking the win 6-2. And Eleanor Piper won straight sets against Yulia Larkins to also get to the gold. In the bronze final, Larkins took the third place podium spot against Brug with 6-2. Going for the gold, Sagoo retained her top spot from the qualification and won the match against Piper, 6-2.

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