Paralympic Performance Pathway

There are different Performance Pathway programmes to assist athletes along the way. Find out more about how the Paralympic Performance Pathway supports archers.

The goal for a performance archer is to sustain world class performance over five to seven days of international competition. This requires physical athleticism, mental resilience, equipment optimisation, teamwork and lifestyle stability developed over years of dedicated practice.

Performance levels in Para Archery have seen a steep upwards trajectory and the number of people competing at the highest levels is increasing. Great Britain has enjoyed huge success in Para Archery and it is our ambition to remain world-beating.

We recognise that Para-athlete journeys will therefore take longer and we are looking to support athletes at earlier stages.

Following the award of funding from Sport England, Archery GB is developing a comprehensive Paralympic Pathway to support disabled athletes who aspire to compete at the Games.

Archery GB Performance Pathway diagram

Performance Clubs

An effective Performance Pathway requires an intelligent approach to talent development, ensuring that the athletes receive the right support at the right time.

We know that environments and experiences for athletes at the first stages of a Performance Pathway are crucially important. These create strong foundations for a Performance Pathway journey including fostering enjoyment and a love for the sport.

Through consultation and partnership with key stakeholders, our vision for Performance Clubs will:

  • Provide an optimal balance of technical, physical, mental and holistic support appropriate to each athlete’s stage of development
  • Be located across the country so they are accessible to all athletes who are interested in performance
  • Benefit from investment in long-term coach development to ensure coaches are engaged, performance-focused, connected and well-supported
  • Connect athletes across the country in a shared performance identity which is recognisable and aspirational, including a junior specific programme as appropriate
  • Provide clear identification and progression opportunities for athletes as appropriate

Archer at the Disability Championships

Para Academy

A new Para Academy is expected to be established in 2023. Athletes who have a classifiable condition to compete at the Paralympic Games and who are considered to have performance potential will be invited to join the programme.

Archer at the Disability Championships

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