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Archery GB Covid 19 Policy & Updates. With the lifting of all remaining legal requirements around Covid-19 in England, we have updated our Covid guidance for the rest of the UK where some rules have been replaced with recommendations from 1 April 2022.

With the lifting of all remaining legal requirements around Covid-19 in England, we have updated our Covid guidance for the rest of the UK where some rules have been replaced with recommendations from 1 April 2022.

March 2022 updates

Covid-19 restrictions on indoor archery

Across the UK and Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man there is no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering while in an indoor sports setting. However, Archery GB supports any member who wishes to wear one or any club which wishes to ask members to wear them while indoors and not actively shooting. 

Please note, people who are medically exempt or under 11 should not be asked to wear a face covering.

We continue to recommend hand washing or using sanitiser as well as cleaning shared equipment regularly.

Clubs may wish to consider ventilation for indoor venues to let fresh air in.

While the law around testing and self-isolating has been replaced with guidance, if you have Covid symptoms we would ask you to consider not attending your club to protect vulnerable members and their families.

Archers and coach wearing masks

Can we insist club members or beginners are vaccinated?

It’s not a statutory requirement to have had a Covid-19 vaccine or take a test to participate in sport and physical activity, and this is also not part of Archery GB’s Covid-19 guidance.

Sport England have created a document specifically on the issues arising from vaccinations and whether providers can stipulate participants must have been vaccinated

In summary, while a participant cannot legally be refused entry to a sport based on vaccination status it is acceptable for a club to ask if someone has been vaccinated and implement other safety measures to reduce risk such as mask wearing and ventilation.

Given the nature of the sport of archery, where social distancing can effectively take place, making vaccinations mandatory for participants would be a disproportionate response, particularly where the government and Archery GB have given a general go ahead to participation.

Support for clubs around Covid-19

Should you need any support or clarification then contact your Regional Development Officer or email

Additional resources

Sport England has been updating and adding to the guidance that they first published last year.

In particular:

Updated Club Matters documents for supporting clubs/groups to return to activity

Mental Health

Some people may be excited about returning to work, sessions and facilities, however many will be returning to play with poorer mental health due to coronavirus (Mind, 2020).

Mind – a charity who won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect – have developed two handy guides: one to help individuals prepare for participation, and one to equip the sport and physical activity sector with tools and information to support the mental health of staff, volunteers and participants.

Funding for archery clubs

The UK Sports Councils invest National Lottery and public money to help people play sport and take part in physical activity.

Sport England – A £16.5m Return to Play Fund is available. There are three parts to this new fund – Small Grants and the Community Asset Fund, which have been adapted from pre-coronavirus funds, and Active Together crowdfunding, which has been extended – with all three now focusing on a safe return to play and narrowing the inequalities gap in sport and physical activity. 

Sport Scotland – The Sport Facilities Fund (sportscotland’s main facility funding programme) and National Lottery Awards for all (funding for a wide variety of one-off costs) are still open for application. 

Sport Wales – The Progress grant is intended to help progress sport and activity to the next step and support long-term sustainability. This grant is intended to help clubs and organisations work towards three principles of tackling inequality, creating long-term solutions to be more sustainable and taking innovative approaches.

Sport NI – Sport Northern Ireland has a number of funding streams available for clubs to access, helping them grow and build back after Covid-19.

Archery GB funding webinar

Watch our most recent funding webinar for an overview of the current sport and funding policy of the Government, and funders such as Sport England, Sport Scotland and others. Learn how to best align your project and funding applications to the criteria of the funders.

Please get in touch with Archery GB to gain support for projects and help in preparing applications – email


Competitions can now take place without Covid restrictions in the UK. However, if you wish to implement Covid measures you can still access the guidance documents here.

For more information, check out these videos we have created for some guidance at Covid safe competitions.

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