003: Sarah Smith on Performance Planning

Sarah Smith (Archery GB & English Institute of Sport) shares her expertise on archery performance planning and what it was like being an Olympic Team Manager for Tokyo 2020

After kickstarting the podcast with two archers, we thought we would explore the world of archery support staff for episode 3. Sarah Smith instantly came to mind when considering guests. Sarah currently is the founder of Performance Studio Planner, a brilliant tool to assist archers with planning, goal setting and even tuning. In addition to that, Sarah also works at Archery GB for the English Institiute of Sport (EIS) as a Performance Lifestyle Practitioner, which we explore in this episode. But that isn't the limit of her experience and expertise, prior to working for EIS, Sarah worked within performance at Archery GB as a team manager which including during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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