Renew Instructor Award Licence

Your Instructor Award needs to be renewed every 3 years. Here’s how to keep up to date.

You worked hard to gain your Instructor Award licence that enables you to be recognised as an archery instructor through Archery GB. To remain as a recognised instructor, your Instructor Award licence needs to be renewed every third year following your original course completion date.

The Instructor Award renewal costs £45 which includes a downloadable version of the latest Archery GB Instructor Award handbook.

Renewal process

Individuals can only start their renewal process 30 days prior to their licence expiration date. For licences that have exceeded the expiration date, individuals are required to submit a brief overview of archery activities with dates as supporting evidence that they have remained current to

Please follow the steps below ONLY if your licence has not expired and is within the 30 days of the licence expiration date. 

  1. Log into your account in our online portal here:
  2. Click 'View Profile' on your profile card
  3. Check the address we hold for you is still up-to-date and edit if necessary
  4. Click 'Profile' to open a dropdown menu
  5. Select ‘Licences’ and underneath status, click on the lapsed or current button. This then displays the details of your licence.
  6. Click ‘Next’ and for 'Provider', if your organisation is in the dropdown list of providers, please select it from the list. Otherwise, select 'Unaffiliated'
  7. Click 'Renew and Checkout'. If somebody else will be paying the renewal fee on your behalf, please fill in the billing details
  8. Click 'Checkout' and choose whether to pay the renewal fee of £45 by Stripe (the online card payment method) or by payment advice, which gives you our bank details to pay by bank transfer

Once payment has been received, your licence will auto renew and you will get a confirmation email with a copy of your licence certificate attached. 

Please note that licences run for 3 years from their expiry date NOT the date it is renewed. We encourage all Instructors to renew their Archery GB Instructor Award licence every third year following the original course completion date. It is the responsibility of each Instructor to renew within the three-year period.

Renew your licence

If you have a query about your renewal, please email

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