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The Archery GB Instructor Award is the sports industry’s leading and most popular training course for archery. This is Archery GB’s guide to setting up an Instructor Award course.

How to set up a course to help your organisation foster a love of archery

Instructors have a vital role to play in helping people new to archery learn and enjoy the sport. 

We want to help organisations to develop confident and skilled instructors to teach archery. This page is designed to provide your organisations with guidance to successfully arrange an Archery GB Instructor Award to be delivered at your business.

You can arrange for the Archery GB Instructor Award to take place at your venue by following the steps below. Archery GB will support you at each stage and answer any questions you may have.

People on an Archery GB Instructor Award course

How to arrange an Archery GB Instructor Award course

If you would like to set up a course on behalf of your organisation, please contact one of our approved providers to discuss your requirements. Our approved providers are professional coach developers who are highly experienced at providing archery training courses. They will advise you on costings, dates, a suitable facility and associated equipment as well as appoint an independent assessor. You can download a list of approved providers from the resource section of this page.

Course duration – The course is held over two consecutive days, with an assessment on the second day by an independent assessor arranged by the approved provider.

Course attendees – You will need to have 10-12 people in attendance to make the course viable. If an organisation is unable to meet this requirement, Archery GB can help to promote your course using our Course Finder to assist in filling the available places.

Facility and equipment requirements –  The Archery GB Instructor Award is a practical course that can be delivered either using an indoor or outdoor range, alongside a study area where the tutor and learners can sit and talk in comfort. If the course is delivered outdoors, nearby access to shelter from the sun, wind and rain is needed. Each learner will receive an Archery GB Instructor Handbook at the start of the course. 

The course requires a range and study area to be available at all times. These should be booked to allow appropriate set up and pack away time (e.g., 60 minutes before/after the course), and a member of staff at the venue should be available to assist.

If required, equipment can be hired from your Archery GB approved provider.

Course fees – The cost of attending an Archery GB Instructor Award course ranges from £190 - £250 per learner and will vary depending on the costs incurred by the approved provider (e.g., location, equipment fees and facility fees).

Certification – At the end of the course, learners who have been successful will be awarded a certificate and instructor licence by Archery GB. The licence needs to be renewed every three years to remain as a recognised Archery GB instructor in the UK. 

For further guidance about setting up a course, please contact:

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