Just Shoot Awards Scheme

We've launched a new simple award scheme, that can be used to give people trying archery a sense of achievement and inspire them to stay involved in the sport.

It’s key that the scheme and sessions focuses on getting people shooting quickly and seeing some basic progression, while also demonstrating the fun and social side of the sport. The scheme can be tailored to fit your environment and customers. Achievement scores can be adjusted for distance and target face size. This allows for a simple set up on the range where adults can shoot next to juniors. The whole family can join in the fun together!

There are 4 different Just Shoot packs you can purchase to use at your archery centre. 

Full resource pack - £52: 

  • 2 Just Shoot booklets
  • 150 A5 certificates (50 gold, 50 silver and 50 bronze)
  • 150 A5 scorecards (double sided)
  • 4 A3 posters

Poster pack - £15: 

  • 4 A3 posters

Top-up pack - £36:

  • 150 A5 certificates (50 gold, 50 silver and 50 bronze)
  • 150 A5 scorecards (double sided)

Badges - £ various:

  • Starter pack
    • 5 x bronze, 5 x silver & 5 x gold badges = £15
  • Top-up packs:
    • 20 x bronze = £20
    • 20 x silver = £20
    • 20 x gold = £20

Plus, when you purchase your first Just Shoot pack, we'll send you a free pack of Just Shoot badges for you to give to your participants. 

Purchase Just Shoot from the AAP Shop

Rich Carpenter from the Devon Scouts Archery Programme, has been using the Just Shoot Award Scheme within their sessions, and explains how beneficial it has been.

Tailoring the Just Shoot scores for our event gave our attendees a feeling of achievement and a desire to have another go.

Recently we started using the Just Shoot award scheme at our have-a-go sessions. As soon as our attendees had been shown how to shoot and score their arrows and had an opportunity to practice, we introduced the score cards and asked them to score each other’s arrows. The score sheets are easy to use, and they picked it up quickly.

Introducing scoring at our have-a-go sessions taught our attendees how to score arrows and set them up for the next stage of their archery journey, if they choose to move onto a beginner's course. It taught them the basics of scoring arrow values, how to score at the target and they started to understand some of the rules regarding scoring.

We adjusted the scoring thresholds for our range and event, and awarded certificates for each of the levels. These awards gave our attendees a measurable level of competence and when viewed through a Task Focus lens, it gave them a feeling of success and left them with a way to measure progress for subsequent events.

Our attendees said: "It was an easy way to measure how well we did and gave us a way to compare our scores as we improved."

This resource is a great way to celebrate success and improvement and we will be rolling this out on a larger scale over the coming summer and incorporating it into a postal competition format for our ranges across our County.

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