September 01, 2022

10 Archery Medals at the European Transplant & Dialysis Games

The Games, which welcome around 400 athletes from all over Europe, is open to organ transplants and dialysis patients who gather to showcase their resilience and strength.

On Friday 26 August, Radley College in Oxford held the 2022 European Transplant & Dialysis Games’ archery event. With outstanding performances from all our archers, archery helped the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team top the Games' medal table.

Archery added 10 medals to the GB & NI medal count: four golds, three silvers and three bronzes. Donna Barrington-Smith of Reigate Priory Bowmen (RPB) was responsible for one of those gold medals after an excellent performance at the Games. RPB shared: “We're all very proud of Donna and her achievements in Transplant Sport over the years.” Donna, after winning one gold in the morning, went on to win another in the Exhibition head-to-heads later that afternoon which were separate to the European Championships. Also winning two gold medals on the day was Sam Newton.

Back: Pete Nichols (60-69), Pete Probert (Coach), Roger Spicer (70+). Middle: Mark Chaplin (40-49), Sam Newton (40-49), Michael Halward (70+). Front: Donna Barrington-Smith (50-59), Hollie May Simpson (18-29), Keighley John (18-29), Christine Keown (50-59), Toby Gaddum (50-59). Missing: Karen Casey (50-59), William Rothwell (50-59), Andrew Dibsall (60-69).

Archery medalists at the 2022 European Transplant & Dialysis Games:


Donna Barrington-Smith - Women’s Recurve 18-59

Sam Newton - Men’s Recurve 18-49

William Rothwell – Men’s Recurve 50-59

Roger Spicer - Men’s Recurve 60-70+


Christine Keown – Women’s Recurve 18-59

Toby Gaddum – Men’s Recurve 50-59

Pete Nichols – Men’s Recurve 60-70+


Hollie May Simpson – Women’s Recurve 18-59

Mark Chaplin - Men’s Recurve 18-49

Michael Halward – Men’s Recurve 60-70+

Exhibition Head-to-Head Medals:

Donna Barrington-Smith - Gold

Sam Newton - Gold

Christine Keown - Silver

Keighley John - Bronze

Photo Credit: Peter Probert

"Transplant Sport is a wonderful celebration of life"

Peter Probert, Lead Coach for the GB & NI team, spoke of the camaraderie between the athletes at the event: "All Transplant Sport is a wonderful celebration of life, and at these Games the GB & NI archers have proven themselves once again. The art of relaxed concentration is much in evidence with this spirited group, who span the age ranges. Laughter and mutual assistance abound, yet their collective eye remains much focused on the prize. It is a privilege to be invited to support them as Lead Coach for this event and the preceding World Transplant Games."

Kath Fitzpatrick at Arrowhawks Archery Academy was pivotal in support of the Games, designing the competition formats for this event and for the World Transplant Games in 2019.

Thanks and credit to Peter Probert for providing the images from the games.

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