March 08, 2023

2023 January Challenge Competition: Full Results!

The 2023 January Challenge, which ran from 1 January to 31 January, is over for another year. The results have been tallied, the scores verified and it’s time to announce the winners.

Congratulation to all that took part, and especially to the winners of each division:


1 Year or Less in Archery

Recurve Men:     James Backhouse, Eccles Archery Club      

Recurve Women:      Jo Stubbs, Archers of Bridlington and Bur       

Compound Men:     Neil Wright, Stafford Archers      

Compound Women:      Carlene Wright, Stafford Archers  

Barebow Men:     Luke Yates, Cleve Archers      

Barebow Women:      Sandrine Fabris, Aequus Archers  

Longbow Men:     Woody Salvage, Cuckfield Archers

Longbow Women:      Amy Staite, Redhill Archers  


Under 25 Years in Archery

Recurve Men:      Ryan Holden, Bowbrook Archers

Recurve Women:      Hannah Evans, University of Nottingham Archery Club 

Compound Men:     Sam Cartwright, University of Nottingham Archery Club      

Compound Women:      Vicky Loader, A C Delco Bowmen 

Barebow Men:     John Walsh, Winnington Park Bowmen      

Barebow Women:      Sophie Bradford, Exmouth Archers  

Longbow Men:     Ben Ledwick, Eagle Bowmen of Bedford          

Longbow Women:      Sheila Hudson, White Rose Archers 


25+ Years in Archery

Recurve Men:     Tim Peers, Wirral Archers          

Recurve Women:      Pamela Johnson, Lintman Archery Club

Compound Men:     Chris Noble, South Leeds Archers     

Compound Women:      Sheila Harris, Redhill Archers

Barebow Men:     Andrew Roe, South Leeds Archers      

Barebow Women:      Hazel Raison, South Leeds Archers

Longbow Men:     Tony Davis, Bowflights Archery Club          

Longbow Women:      Sandie Graham, Falkirk Company of Archers 


Full results are available here

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