November 20, 2023

A Fresh Chapter for Barebow Rankings

Over 160 barebow archers submitted their votes which resulted in a 70.8% majority for the change.

Throughout the outdoor season, the Barebow Rankings Administration Group convened several times to ponder a pivotal question: Should the UK barebow rankings align with the recurve and compound system?

After extensive deliberations weighing the advantages and drawbacks, the group agreed that such a decision should rest with the barebow archers actively competing, as they would be the ones directly impacted and should decide, so in October we opened voting and we tallied over 160 votes.

The results are in: a significant majority - 70.8% - have chosen to match the UK barebow rankings with the recurve and compound tier system. This change will come into effect starting the 2024 outdoor season, ensuring that the 2023 rankings remain as they are, and ushering in a new era from the subsequent season. Tier points will begin to be accumulated from 2024. 

Longbow Rankings, we need your help! 

Due to the change in barebow rankings, we will be needing a new volunteer administrator for the national longbow rankings. If you’d like this current system to continue, we will need support otherwise it will return to the old system of sending scores in.

If you’re interested in volunteering for this role, please contact 

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