November 13, 2023

Anti-Bullying Week 2023: Wear your odd socks to the range!

Anti-Bullying Week 2023 is happening from Monday 13 – Friday 17 November and you can get involved by wearing your odd socks to the archery range.

 The week is coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and this year's theme is 'Make a Noise About Bullying'.

We're asking archers to get involved by wearing their odd socks and sharing their support for the campaign at the range and online.

There's no place for bullying in our sport so if you are concerned about something you've heard or seen, speak up.

Archery GB has an Anti-Bullying Policy, which sets out how we, as an organisation, feel about bullying, what we will do to tackle it and how we will support children and young people who experience or display bullying behaviour.

We also have a What is Abuse? guide which helps people recognise the signs of bullying and sets out what to do if you have a concern. 

The Anti-Bullying Alliance says too often we are silent when we see bullying take place, silent about the hurt bullying causes, and silent when we hear bullying dismissed as ‘just banter’. It doesn’t have to be this way.

This Anti-Bullying Week let’s come together to have discussions about what bullying means to us, how banter can turn into something more hurtful, and what we can do to stop bullying.

You can find a range of helpful resources to learn and get involved in Anti-Bullying Week by clicking on the button below:

Anti-Bullying Week Resources

If you're wearing odd socks at the range on Monday 13 November, share a picture on social media and don't forget to use the hashtag #OddSocksDay and tag Archery GB in your post. Bonus points for any archery themed socks you sport!

Feet wearing odd socks that feature archery targets and the words Tokyo 2020

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