January 12, 2021

Archery activities: ways to stay focused through lockdown

The winter months can be difficult at the best of times. With Covid thrown in, it's harder still, and while Archery GB lobbied the government during England's second lockdown for the continuation of our socially-distanced sport, we recognise the pressure the more virulent Covid strain puts on the NHS and we support the latest restrictions.

We would therefore like to remind you that all postal and virtual competitions are now suspended until further notice owing to lockdown restrictions. Thanks to everyone who entered the December National Winter Outdoor Postal League competition, and congratulations on some fantastic scores! As soon as competitions can resume, we will update you through our website and social channels.

Keep active

In the meantime, here are some positive things we're able to offer. Keep your sprits and your fitness up by following our twice-weekly online workouts led by our elite athletes and partners. Catch these workouts on our Facebook page every Monday and Wednesday:

  • Mobility Monday focuses on stretching exercises that help keep you supple - great for those who find themselves stuck behind a desk all day and spend more time than is good for them on the sofa!
  • Workout Wednesday is more energetic, giving the whole body a complete workout. These are exercises that can be done anywhere, so just clear some space in your home, garden or garage and away you go!
  • Archery GB is also running a range of training webinars to help keep your knowledge up to date. Topics include running competitions, club development, volunteering and coaching. Check out the full programme and book your place here.
  • Don't forget to head to our YouTube channel for a range of content on every aspect of the sport.


Archery wellbeing study - can you help?

Are you 65 years or older? Or are you over 18 and consider yourself to have a physical disability? If you answered yes to either of these questions and you took up archery in or before April 2019, then we have one more question for you - would you be willing to take part in an online interview about the effects of archery participation on your wellbeing? Nicola McCullogh, a researcher at Northumbria University, is looking to explore this topic with UK-based archers who weren't regularly taking part in physical activity before archery. Nicola is interested in all experiences - good and not so good - to get a clear picture of how archery relates to people's wellbeing.

If you're interested in taking part in the study please contact Nicola at n.mccullogh@northumbria.ac.uk for more information. The research project has been reviewed in Northumbria University's Ethics Online system in order to safeguard your interests, and approval has been granted to conduct the study.

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