May 10, 2021

Archery clubs: here are some ways to thank your brilliant volunteers!

Ahead of Volunteers' Week (1-7 June 2021), Archery GB is encouraging clubs to consider the contribution of their volunteers throughout the pandemic.

So many volunteers in our sport have endeavoured to help others despite facing challenges of their own. This year, more than ever, we want to address the contribution that each and every volunteer has made and continues to make. Even the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference to someone's experience in the sport - from picking up the phone to support a fellow archer during lockdown or organising virtual club socials, to helping a disabled person continue with their training or helping the club get ready for the summer season. Every minute is time well spent.

United through volunteering

We share a common purpose through volunteering in archery - to improve our shared experience which in turn gives a sense of wellbeing. If you already volunteer in the sport, please spread the word to friends and family and encourage others to join us in rebuilding archery. Check out our volunteering page here for more information about finding a role that's right for you.

Clubs - celebrate your volunteers! 

These are some ideas that your club could implement to support Volunteers' Week and show appreciation for your amazing volunteers!

  • Give recognition and appreciation of volunteers in newsletters or other club communications - this can be either as individuals or teams of volunteers.
  • Regular ‘shout-outs' or claps when rounds are shot - this is meaningful coming from the participants who have benefited from the volunteers' efforts.
  • Try and remember everyone - it's easy to remember the people that set the course; harder to remember the person that cleans the loos - but they need thanking just as much (maybe more!)
  • Celebrating your volunteers will create a wider volunteer awareness to the club members - acknowledgement that the club is run by volunteers.
  • Try to get volunteers acknowledged by the county, regions and Archery GB

Other ways to say thanks

  • Thank you, verbal and written
  • Gifts
  • Social media tags
  • Newsletter articles
  • Incentives - qualifications, training, free membership, equipment vouchers
  • References
  • Nomination for volunteer awards - AGB, Active Partnerships etc
  • Volunteer evening - BBQ/social (chat and relax together)
  • Expenses - volunteers shouldn't be out of pocket. Support funds for costs such as training (judging/coaching), but also online courses such as minute-taking courses, financial courses to support treasurers etc. This could come from counties/regions, especially considering volunteers that are working across clubs or not in their usual club.

Archery GB volunteer awards 2021

Don't forget to nominate a Volunteer of the Year and Young Volunteer of the Year in Archery GB's Awards 2021 - nominations are open until 31 July. Find out more on our dedicated awards page here.

Volunteering survey

Are you an archery volunteer? Please complete our survey, below, which will be used to showcase the roles filled by our different volunteers, highlighting how they got into volunteering and why they enjoy it. This will give us a better understanding of our volunteering community. Why do you Volunteer Survey (

  • If you would like to showcase your volunteer role in a future issue of Archery UK magazine, please email:

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