October 10, 2023

Archery GB are on the hunt for 2024 event volunteers

Archery GB are looking for new volunteers to help out at the 2024 national events

Could you be an Archery GB volunteer? Archery in the UK depends heavily on volunteers. As a volunteer you can meet new people, support clubs, and have new experiences with new challenges. Archery GB are very proud of our volunteers, of whom we value each and every one of them. Their hard work, enthusiasm and donated time doesn’t go unnoticed; we'd be lost without them. We're on the lookout for new recruits - could you be one?

There are many reasons to volunteer in archery including giving back to the sport and supporting its growth. But what else can you get from it?

  • Sense of achievement
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • A chance to use your archery skills and knowledge
  • Giving something back to a sport you love
  • A chance to gain a recognised qualification
  • A valuable addition to your CV/education applications
  • Potential career development and improved employability
  • Gain experience in public speaking

Mandie Elson, Archery GB volunteer and Newark Castle Archers chair, said: “I love meeting all kinds of people from all backgrounds and having fun with them with archery. I love sharing my passion and enthusiasm for the sport and every person who comes through is greeted with a warm smile.

My time so far as a volunteer has created friendships, improved others’ wellbeing through being part of our archery family, and helped me build our junior section.”

There are various roles that you can do as a national event volunteer. These include:

  • Field of play volunteers - responsible for:
    • Delivery of the field of play, targets, equipment
    • Support with the running of the competition
    • Car parking duties at the beginning of each day of competition

  • Administration Support - responsible for:
    • Support the tournament organiser
    • Help with enquiries
    • Register archers

  • Results Team volunteer - responsible for:
    • Create Ianseo files/adjust premade files
    • Create back numbers
    • Configure and distribute scoring tablets
    • Support with technical problems
    • Support the delivery of results and PDA’s
    • Makeup scoreboards/distribute/collect throughout the shoot

New 2023 volunteer, Julie Wood commented on her first volunteering experience: “You think that everybody knows everybody and if you haven't got that experience or that you don't know people, it can be quite intimidating. But the thing is you’re here for five minutes before you realise it’s not, and somebody will take you under their wing straight away. I wish I'd done it sooner. They make you feel valued rather than feeling like you're a bit for spare parts. Straight away you’re put to work, and everyone is so kind and complementary, so it gives you a good buzz.”

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