November 10, 2022

Archery GB partners with etrainu to relaunch online learning platform

Archery GB and etrainu are proud to announce the launch of Archery GB’s new online community and learning platform.

While the name remains unchanged, Learning Curve will be relaunched through etrainu and rolled out to 1,800 coaches.

Members will be able to access learning documents while there are plans to develop further online training for judges and other specialist roles.

etrainu supports over 2 million learners and has partnered with some of the largest sports organisations in the world, including US Youth Soccer, PGA Tour and Gymnastics Australia.

The implementation of the new Learning Curve platform is designed to provide accessible education that grows Archery GB’s community and at the same time strategically improves their return on investment to see immediate cost savings compared to the previous vendor.

The new Learning Curve user experience is intuitive, easy-to-use and feature-rich to achieve a more joined up learning experience. One of the key features that will deliver value for Archery GB is the Skills Passport. Through the Skills Passport, learners have a handy place to access all of their certifications which is automatically synced to their membership profile. 

Another member benefit is that Learning Curve will be fully integrated with Archery GB’s membership platform, Sport:80. Earlier this year, etrainu and Sport:80 announced a partnership to help deliver value for sports organisations

Through this integration, members of Archery GB will be able to log into the online learning and Sport:80 platforms using Single Sign-On (SSO). It will also share the credentials of the user across both systems, syncing up information of when a user has completed a course to issue the certificate on Learning Curve as well as via email.

'Exceptional communities'

Arran Coggan, Archery GB's Director of Participation, said: "An online learning platform allows our volunteers flexibility and freedom to learn and develop new skills wherever they are. Archery GB’s Learning Curve has supported this desire for a number of years.

"This new partnership with etrainu will help us deliver affordable training for volunteers to be motivated and supported and we look forward to developing new training opportunities for our members through this exciting and innovative platform."

Cameron O’Riordan, VP for Sales and Revenue at etrainu, said: "We're passionate about building exceptional communities through education and etrainu is excited to be partnering with Archery GB in launching an updated holistic learning experience through Learning Curve.

"An integrated ecosystem with our joint partners Sport:80 will help deliver even more value for the Archery GB community."

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