May 16, 2023

Archery GB succeeds in joint funding bid for growth tracking tool

Joining forces with British Weighlifting, British Ice Skating and Table Tennis England, with support from our database provider Sport:80, Archery GB was part of the NGB collective that UK Sport awarded £36,000 to through their NGB Development Fund.

The fund supports sport’s governing bodies to utilise technology to drive growth.

The NGB collective recognised that through the use of Sport:80's platform we were generating considerable amounts of valuable data, but were lacking the tools to transform it into actionable insights.

The bid will allow Sport:80 to develop a sophisticated data visualisation solution to reveal invaluable insights into each sport.

Each sport will be able to access custom-configured dashboards with insights relating to member demographics, geographical impact, event participation, revenue streams, and more. The tool will mean staff can track and benchmark data and isolate opportunities for growth.

Working as a collective means the different sports can share knowledge, identify efficiencies and leverage our position to access enhanced functionality.

'First of its kind'

Arran Coggan, Archery GB’s Director of Participation, said: "We are delighted to have secured the funding that will support our short and long-term strategic plans, and the growth of our respective sports.

"It shouldn’t be difficult for NGBs to make sense of their data, but the amount being collected can make it a laborious task. Using the data visualisation solution will remove all the manual work and give us access to digestible insights across our organisation at the click of a button."

Jonny Turner, Sport:80’s Chief Operating Officer, said: "This is the first example of the Sport:80 community collectively leveraging its position to access funding to adopt technology that will support their development.

"In my time working in sport, I’m not aware of a successful funding bid of this kind. We are grateful for the support that UK Sport has shown for the vision and efforts of the teams at Archery GB, British Weightlifting, British Ice Skating, and Table Tennis England.

"We are excited to begin working with each NGB to implement the data visualisation solution and arm them with insights that help them identify opportunities to expand the reach of their sports."

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