June 08, 2018

Board member co-opted

The Board of Archery GB has, as of the Board meeting of 9th June 2018, co-opted a member, Yakoob Ali. This takes the total number of members of the Board to ten.

In making this co-option, the Board decided that it was appropriate to co-opt Mr Ali for one year only. If Mr. Ali wished to continue as a Board member after that, four things would have to happen:

  • he would have to apply for a post as an elected director;
  • the Nominations Committee would have to be seeking an elected director;
  • the Nominations Committee would have to recommend that he was put up to the membership;
  • and the membership would have to elect him.

Mr. Ali's co-option is the result of a process that began in late 2017, when a decision was made to seek a new independent director. Ultimately, following a lengthy interview process, a decision was taken not to appoint an additional independent director as the calibre of applicants was not thought suitable.

During that process, a strong application was received from a member of AGB, whose application could therefore not be considered for the post being sought.  On the basis that the applicant had an interesting and relevant background not held by any current Board member (the applicant was the owner and Operations Director of a small business and had expertise in planning and the delivery of projects), the Nominations Committee took the opportunity to interview this person too.

In the coming nine months, AGB is pursuing two projects which the Board feels require expertise which it currently lacks. The first is an outreach project to female archers in the West Midlands' Muslim community. The second would involve the delivery of a World Cup stage, if, as the Board is currently considering, a decision is made to bid.

With these projects in mind, the Nominations Committee has recommended and sought Board approval to co-opt Yakoob Ali as a director. The appointment will be from the June Board meeting until the AGM of 2019.

We welcome Yakoob to the Board.





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