May 14, 2024

Clean Sport Week: Archery GB achieves UKAD compliance

In April 2023, Archery GB successfully achieved a review of its compliance status across all of the 24 mandatory requirements of the national anti-doping quality assurance framework. On the eve of Clean Sport Week, we received confirmation that we have successfully achieved compliance again.

Archery GB is proud to reaffirm our commitment to clean sport by backing UK Anti-Doping’s (UKAD’s) Clean Sport Week campaign from 13 - 17 May.

Clean Sport Week is UKAD’s national awareness week championing clean sport, education, and anti-doping initiatives with sports across the UK. 

In April, Archery GB published our Anti-Doping Annual Report ahead of our AGM. The report sets out how we are supporting the work of UKAD including an overview of the work of the Anti-doping Steering Group, which was set up to maintain assurance framework compliance and to, where appropriate, ensure that anti-doping has a presence in all aspects of our work.

During the last 12 months, UKAD, along with Archery GB’s education team, has delivered education to 109 athletes and staff. Ongoing educational workshops will continue to be delivered to our Olympic, Paralympic, Pathway, Compound, Field and 3D athletes and staff as part of their continued learning and development throughout 2024.

We have also raised our training budget to assist in increasing the number of educators to help promote a wider clean sport ethos out to clubs.

This year’s Clean Sport Week theme is 'Journey to the Podium'. Throughout the week, UKAD will be showcasing the importance of the clean sport journey through the lens of athletes and the elite sport community. Look out for a video featuring GB Compound archer Ella Gibson showing a typical day at an international competition and how she competes clean.

To find out more about keeping sport clean, sign up to UKAD’s Clean Sport Hub where there are free education courses for athletes, students, coaches, and practitioners.

Follow @ukantidoping on social media to see a range of educational and exciting content throughout the week. To find out more about UKAD’s Clean Sport Week initiative click here.


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