August 20, 2022

European Youth Championships: Individual Medals for Great Britain

The final day of the 2022 European Youth Championships named two new individual title holders from Great Britain, as well as a bronze medalist.

Compound Under 18 Women Gold 

The first GB appearance for the second day of finals saw Hallie Boulton face Lea Girault from France for the gold medal. Hallie got to a strong start, shooting a 29 opening end to her opponent’s 28. Both archers shot a 28 in the second end to keep the distance between the two of them at 57-56. Hallie then had a tight group to the left of the ten, shooting a 27 to the French archer’s 29, taking the scores to 84-85 in favour of Girault. Hallie stayed at a 27 while the French shot a 26 to bring the match all square at 111 each. In the final end, a 27 from Hallie was enough to overtake Girault, finishing up on 138-137, and earning her the gold medal. 

“I’m still shaking, and I’m very excited. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun at a shoot before, it’s just been amazing. When it was a tie in the last end, I was like ‘I can do this’,” Hallie told us.


Compound Under 21 Women Bronze 

Grace Chappell was up next for Great Britain, shooting against France’s Candice Cadronet. Both women shot an 8 with their first arrows, but quickly reacted to get back into the gold. Grace shot a 28 to Cadronet’s 27, to take the lead after the first end. Having adjusted her sight, Grace remained in the ten, shooting a perfect 30 to the French archer’s 27 to give her a four point lead. Cadronet shot two more consecutive 27s to two consecutive 28s from Grace, extending the Brit’s lead to 114-108. To cap off the match, Grace finished with a 30 to take the gold medal 144-135.

“I’m really overwhelmed and I can’t believe it. I was saying yesterday that all I wanted to do was to shoot well, and I definitely did that, and it was enough to win. Because of the wind I thought anything could happen. We both handled the win really well, and it wasn’t until the last arrow I think where I was like, ‘just shoot your shot, you can do it’… And I did it!” Grace said.


Recurve Under 21 Men Gold

The very last match of the event saw GB’s Monty Orton face Ivan Banchev from Bulgaria. It was a shaky start for both archers, Banchev shooting a 25 to Monty’s 22 in the first end to set points. The second end was a lot closer, only one point separating the archers, a 27 for the Bulgarian and a 26 for Monty. Down 4-0, Monty needed to win or draw the third end in order to stay within a chance of getting the gold medal. Both archers shot a 23, earning them one set point each, which was enough to keep Monty in the game. Having found his rhythm, Monty then shot a 27 to Banchev’s 26 to claw back another lot of set points, bringing the match to 5-3. In the fifth end, a 26 from Monty versus his opponent’s 24 took the match to a tie, after the most nerve-wracking comeback of the day. Monty shot his arrow first, narrowly missing the nine ring, scoring him an eight. Then the Bulgarian shot his arrow, which landed a few centimetres further out into the eight. Monty’s arrow was the closest to the centre, therefore winning him the match and the gold medal.

“It feels great. I haven’t really had time process it yet, but it feels great. It was going through my head going ‘I had the chance’. I just wanted to take every chance that I got,” Monty said.


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