February 07, 2019

Exciting opportunity for Field Archery announced

We are delighted to announce that following a thorough recruitment process, Lizzy Rees has been contracted as Archery GB's Field Archery Coordinator. Initially funded to conduct a strategic review of Field Archery across Archery GB's membership.

Field Archery is a hugely important part of archery, offering a very different experience to the participant than the more common target archery. It has long been identified as a unique and exciting development opportunity for Archery GB, but until now its full potential hasn't been fully explored.

For those that haven't tried it, field archery is like the cross country of archery and is often set in the most interesting of locations, across all kinds of terrain including fields, woods and forests.

At an international level, Field Archery is very strong, particularly across Europe and with the more recent developments in the international competition format and the introduction of 3D, we now need to complete an extensive review of this popular and under-developed part of the sport.

Lizzy will engage widely, with a view to understanding exactly what our member's views are with regards to the development of Field Archery, what change they would like to see and what needs to be implemented in the future.

The topic of conversation will revolve around three of Archery GB's wider strategic objectives:

  1. Podium -achieving medal success at international events;
  2. Pathways - mechanisms to ensure archers can develop to their desired level; and
  3. Participation - getting more people taking part in Field Archery.

Following the consultation period, a formalised plan for Field Archery will be developed and recommendations made to the Board.

Director of Sport, David Tillotson, commented: "Following an open and rigorous interview process, we are delighted that Lizzy has been able to take on the contract as Field Archery Coordinator. The project is very much about engaging with our members to design a Field programme that archers can and do commit to, as well as encouraging more of our members to participate in Field. Lizzy brings a wealth of experience and insight and is well placed to consult and facilitate this important piece of work.”

Lizzy said: "This is such an exciting opportunity for Archery GB and Field Archery. The potential over the next five months to positively influence the development of Field is huge and I can't wait to start exploring people's views. Contact me any time on lizzy.rees@archerygb.org and I'd be happy to chat.”

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognise the hard work of John Hartfield as Adviser to Field Archery, John will remain contactable on Field@archerygb.org on general Field matters, rather than the strategic review and will forward any relevant communications/correspondence to Lizzy.

Gloria Mead will act as Field Team Manager and be responsible for the 2019 European Field Championships. Victoria Williams will act as the 3D Team Manager and be responsible for the 2019 3D World Championships.

Both can be contacted through the squad administrator - Kerry.haynes@archerygb.org

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