August 12, 2021

GB to the Finals

Today's individual matches at the world youths displayed some high class, impressive shooting by the GB juniors.

Today's individual matches at the world youths displayed some high class, impressive shooting by the GB juniors.

For the recurve junior men, James Woodgate tied his 1/8 match, but unfortunately his opponent's 9 was just closer to the centre than James's. Austin Whitmarsh won his 1/16 match 6-2, and then in the 1/8 he was beaten 6-2. The two archers who beat Woodgate and Whitmarsh, Stanislav Cheremiskin and Tetsuya Aoshima, will face each other in the gold medal match. The remaining recurve junior woman, Louisa Piper, was beaten 6-0 in the 1/16th.

As the remaining compound junior man, Adam Carpenter had a tie in the 1/16 with a 145, and he was able to shoot an X to beat his opponent's 9 in the shoot off. In his 1/8 match, Carpenter and Estonia's Robin Jaatma were neck and neck going into the last end, however Jaatma was able to take the match 148-146. Jaatma will go in to compete in the gold final. For the women, Jenny Bryan lost her 1/16 145-138, and Grace Chappell also lost her match 147-140.

Riley Spencer-Nice took his 1/16 to a shoot off where both archer's shot a 9, but Spencer-Nice's was closer to the centre. Then in his 1/8 round he was beaten 6-0. In their 1/8 match against each other, Penny Healey beat teammate Imogen Newby 6-0, but she was then taken out in the 1/8 round 7-3.

The one compound cadet man, Thomas Lane, won his 1/16 with a point to space, 143-142, but then he lost in the 1/8 148-141 to Isaac Sullivan who will shoot in the bronze medal match. For the women, Hallie Bouton beat her opponent in the 1/16 match 145-141, and then she also won the 1/8 with 141-138. Chloe A'Bear shot 145 to her opponent's 142 in the 1/16, and then she shot a 143 in the 1/8 to beat the archer from India. Unfortunately, Boulton and A'Bear found themselves against each other in their quarter finals match, meaning one of them would be successful in getting to the semi finals, and the other would be knocked out. Going into the last end of their match, Boulton was two points up on A'Bear, and she was able to retain this lead to take the win with 142 points to 140. Boulton went on to the semi finals where she met number one seed, Priya Gurjar, but her 140 was not enough to beat the Indian archer's 149. Boulton will go on to compete for the bronze medal on the compound finals day.

The recurve cadet mixed team made up of Imogen Newby and Riley Spencer-Nice had a bye in the 1/12, but they were then knocked out by Spain 5-3. The compound cadet mixed team comprising of Hallie Boulton and Thomas Lane faced Italy in the 1/8 where they scored an impressive 158-155, however in the 1/4 the team from Turkey shot 159 to GB's 152 to knock them out of the running.

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