April 13, 2021

Getting back to the range with Megan Tinker

Megan Tinker has got back to the archery range and has some great tips to get you back to the range if you're feeling a bit nervous!

Megan Tinker has been fortunate enough to get back to the range at her club, Dearne Valley Archery Club.

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[caption id="attachment_26417" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Megan Tinker from DVAC[/caption]

How does it feel to be back at the range?

It honestly feels amazing. Just being able to go down to the club, see your club mates and shoot has been the best feeling ever.

Seeing all the people I haven't seen in such a long time has been so lovely. To be able to have a catch up, as well as finally getting back into the shooting groove.

Prior to lockdown I'd gotten used to shooting every day, so to go from that to not shooting at all was such a big change. I really didn't know how to cope! So now that we're back at the range, it's honestly so exciting. I am buzzing to get back into it.

What have you missed about being at the range?

I've missed every aspect! Being able to shoot at the club with my club mates has been one of the best feelings. Especially since I've not seen them for months.

For me, the part I have missed most in particular is just being able to get behind the bow and not worry about anything else just enjoy shooting.

I've also missed competing and doing tournaments. So knowing that in a few months/weeks we'll be able to compete again really excites and motivates me.

How did you keep bow fit?

To stay bow fit, I did a lot of bow drills, just practising with my shot trainer in the garden or living room, pretending I could shoot.

There was a lot of visualisation work to keep in an archery/competitive mindset. I also did home gym workouts with dumbbells and bands. As well as going on walks once or twice a week to keep me out of the house!

What advice do you have for those who might be nervous about getting back to the range?

Be excited, don't be nervous!

We can finally shoot and it's going to be amazing. I would honestly just say to ease yourself back into archery, especially if you haven't been training over lockdown.

Don't expect too much and just enjoy it! Enjoying yourself is the main thing when it comes to archery. I think, especially at a time like now, enjoying yourself, taking your time and falling back in love with the sport is the most important thing to do.

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