December 14, 2020

Improve Your Game - Christmas Gift Ideas for Archers

We asked archery shops around the UK for gift ideas for archers, either as a little treat from themselves or from friends and family. Have a look at some of the suggestions!

We asked archery shops around the UK to send us some key equipment and accessory ideas for beginner and intermediate archers this year.

Aardvark Archery

Cartel Stretching Band - £1.95

Warming up for any training session or competition is essential to any athlete. The Cartel stretching band will help any archer of any level warm up for their sessions. With the simple loop design, it can be used for a range of warm-up exercises. Two of the bands are included per pack.

Bondhus Allen Key Set - from £7.95

Bondhus Allen Wrench Set folding, comes in Metric and Imperial. This is a must for every archery toolkit, they are compact enough to fit in your quiver for easy access and strong enough to fix maintenance problems.

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Knitted Bobble Hat - £9.95

You can never go wrong with a bobble hat, especially this year! With a cold winter season ahead, why not do it in style?

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Gift Vouchers - from £5

Gifty vouchers are great presents for everyone, archery is such a unique sport that is very personal. If you're looking for a gift for any archer, you cannot go wrong with a gift voucher!

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The Archery Company

Mantis X8 - £165.00

The Mantis X8 analyses your whole shot, giving you areas for improvement, consistency comparisons, stability score, along with shot timing. This product tells you the whole story, and can be used on compound, recurve, barebow, and longbow.

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DS-Archery Tungsten Weights - £34.00 per weight

Tungsten is approximately twice as heavy as Stainless Steel. Having less or smaller weights means a smaller stack, making your stabilisation more streamlined, and so you'll be less effected by the wind. Having a smaller stack of weights also gives increased stability.

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Long Lasting Polyester 50m WA Target Faces - £0.95 per face

These World Archery 50m reinforced target faces are perfect for the upcoming winter practice season.They are made from Polyester.

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DS-Archery Heavy Duty Bino Strap - £39.95

These handmade heavy duty binocular straps are super robust and comfortable to use. They are adjustable in length, so should suit everyone. The length adjustment is easy and quick to use, so if the weather changes you can adjust the length to suit the amount of clothing you are wearing. The extra wide shoulder support helps to spread the load of your binoculars and add a further element of comfort.

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The Archers Nest

TAN Nock Magazine - £7.50

The TAN Nock Magazine clips onto your quiver and keeps your spare nocks safe and protects them until you need them. This product is 3D printed and a lovely present for all archers.

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Custom Recurve Keyring - from £3.60

A meaningful custom printed recurve handle keyring with name or initial on side.

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Socx 3-Spot Towel - £9.00

This 3-spot towel hangs perfectly from your quiver. With one microfibre and one terrycloth side, it caters for all manner of needs, such as cleaning and drying hands or arrows before shooting.

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Kinetic Arios 2 25" Riser - from £135.00

One of the more popular risers for The Archers Nest this year, the Arios 2 is a CNC riser, is alluminium and great as an improver riser. Available in 25", right and left handed, plus a variety of colours.

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Archery World

Epic Stonic Metal Bracing Height Gauge - £6.24

This bracing height gauge is essential to any archer, marked with both inches and cms, a robost must have tool.

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Avalon Arrow Puller - £6.25

Another must have for any archer, the Avalon arrow puller will help any archer safely retrieve their arrows from the target.

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Avalon Tec One 8/32 Sight - Recurve - £52.00

The perfect improver sight, the Avalon Tec One recurve sight is easily adjustable and anodized aluminium. It also comes with a soft case for protection when it'd put away!

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Avalon Tyro Long Rod - from £18.50

These stabilizers continue to set the standard in value and quality. This range of stabilizers combine carbon super fibres with tuneable weights to give a very stable, confident feel when shooting. They comei standard 5/16" bow fitting and are available in three different lengths, 26",28" and 30"

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Clickers Archery

Bowdometer - £109.00

BOWdometer is a Fitbit for your bow. It easily attaches to any bow in seconds. Use BOWdometer every time you shoot to automatically count each shot you take. The device tracks each shot from draw to release to show you how your shots change between tunings, new strings, and tweaks to your bow setup.

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Carter Just Cuz Release Aid - £179.10

The Carter Just Cuz Release Aid has the 1/4” radius contours, make this one of the most comfortable releases. Not only is this release accurate and comfortable but it is now more versatile, the new ‘ITS' which allows you to change your springs without taking the release apart and the added capability of attaching a rope so it can be shot with or without using a D-loop. To prevent you from dropping the Just Cuz Carter enclosed the hole around the index finger - or maybe so you could spin it around your finger after the perfect shot!

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The Archery for Beginners Guidebook - £9.59

The Archery For Beginners Guidebook is a great new book, aimed at new archers to the sport. A great book to read if you are looking for information about starting out in archery. It can also be used as a reference once you have joined a club and have been on a beginner's course, to remind you of the salient points.

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Archers Paradox Finger Sling - £2.75

Archery Paracord Accessories Finger Slings are hand-made for us locally from brightly coloured cord with a sliding tightener for each loop, these slings offer a cheap, comfortable solution for keeping your bow in your hand without grabbing it.

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Perris Archery

uukha SX50 Limbs - 2021 - from £340.00

Looking to progress your limbs? Uukha has brought out the SX50 for 2021, and these are great 'next step' limbs for any recurve archer. The Sx50's performance with a 50% carbon content compares favourably to some of the best limbs on the market.

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Beiter Bow Holder Vice 360 - £61.00

The Beiter Bow Holder Vice is the ideal addition to your archery workshop. The vice allows you to securely position a recurve or compound bow  at almost any angle using any 5/16th male thread on the vice in to any female thread (i.e stabiliser bushing) on the bow or a rip clutch adapter. As you would expect solidly made a great tool which will make bow maintenace and set up much easier.

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Heated Vest & USB Battery Pack - Black - £67.00

Ideal for those winter days on the outdoor range or indoors, with three different heat settings ranging from 32 degrees to 52 degrees. The vest is also quilted, so you don't even need to switch it on to stay warm on those mild days.

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Gillo Wolf Face Covering - £10.49

This is a very relevant gift, amazing for the archer within. This polyester, two layer, elastic strap reusable face covering shows your fun, archery side!

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Quicks Archery

CORE Archery ZEAL Compound Bow - £164.50

The beginners compound that ranges from 30-45lbs and drawlengths of 23-30inches, to progress as you do through the sport. It has a die cast handle with glass limbs and twin cams.

Longshot Padded Longbow Bag with outside Pocket to take an arrow tube - £32.95

This padded bag is great to take your bow and arrows to and from the range, competitions and transporting. There is a long canister pocket on the outside for your arrows too!

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Shibuya Ultima Rest and DX Button Offer - £61.13

This rest and button combo is used around the world by many elite archers. The rest has a neat and slim profile with very strong double sided tape backing, making it easy to place correctly on the riser. There are many colours available, so what are you waiting for?

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Longshot Pro Fletching Jig - £44.95

This UK made Longshot Pro Fletching Jig has a strong magnetic 5 inch clamp, full adjustment for fitting vanes at an angle and positive nock locator unit for both conventional recurve and compound fletch settings.

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