June 30, 2021

Improve Your Game - How to run a Covid safe have a go

The Big Weekend is nearly here! It's time to put on covid safe have a go sessions, and here are some hints and tips about how to do this.

The Big Week and Big Weekend are just a week away, so it's time to make sure you have done everything to ensure your event is as safe as possible. Covid has changed the way we do things meaning there are many more things to think about. That's why we've put together this guide to the simple steps to take to help more people experience archery safely.

How to ensure safety at the venue

Have you registered your clubs' have a go event on the Members' Portal? Simply log on to the Members' Portal, and register under the Have a Go and Course Registration tab. If it is an event for the Big Week or Big Weekend, please register the events here.

NHS Track and Trace registration might also be required at some venues, so please check.

Have you done a risk assessment for your venue? This must be undertaken on the site location and event. If you are using a new venue, you need to have done a risk assessment ahead of the event. Is there a risk assessment we can link to?

Having Covid signage in place is a strong recommendation. Posters saying ‘if you are feeling unwell in any way, please do not take part in this have a go event' are a good idea, alternatively you can ask participants if they have any of the symptoms of Covid. If you want to display the Archery GB Return to Archery infographic, please download it below.

How to manage participants  

To reduce the risk of crowding, it is advised that clubs use a booking system with allocated time slots. There should also be enough space for those that are waiting to socially distance themselves.

Archery GB will be providing a Big Weekend QR Code on handout cards that contain a link to a form to enable you to record all participants and collect marketing consent. Visitors can register themselves so there's no need to queue up. As an added incentive anyone registering will receive a 15% discount code from Cotswold Outdoor for use this summer. One beginner can register up to 10 people in their group.

The participant could wear a face mask if it makes them feel more confident. If they want to wear one on the shooting line, try and be accommodating to this and work around the situation.

How to coach a have a go during Covid

As coaches and work party will be within close proximity to different people and age groups, it is advised that a rapid lateral flow test is taken up to 48 hours prior. You can order rapid lateral flow tests for free here. Sanitising hands and equipment between each participant is a must.

Whilst coaching, be aware of the space between yourself and other participants. The coach should wear a face covering and stay at least 1 metre away.

Equipment should be sanitised/cleaned between each participant/household, so try and get double the equipment to participants. The coach and work party should try and limit the amount they touch the equipment before giving it to the participant.

These guidelines are in place to help keep everyone safe during covid.

Difference between have a go and beginners' sessions

Have a go sessions are for the intention of having a go at archery. There will be an allotted time to shoot arrows and try. Beginner sessions will be more in-depth and explaining about the sport a lot more. The hope with beginner sessions is for the participant to continue with the sport and join the club and Archery GB.

Big Weekend extravaganza!

There's still time to sign your club up for the Big Weekend. This year archery's Big Weekend runs from 9-11 July (2-4 July in Northern Ireland) with the new addition of the Big Week 5-9 July.

Sign your club up for the Big Week and Big Weekend here!

Top 10 benefits of taking part:

  1. Potential new members for your club, and therefore new volunteers too
  2. National promotion of your event from Archery GB, leading to increased general awareness in the community - may lead to new future partnerships and opportunities
  3. Chance to win one of three prizes for your club from The Archery Shop: Viking Wasp metal detector, 48 Easton Neos arrows pack or a pack of 50 target faces (see details below)
  4. To reward those taking the Melanoma Fund quiz, there are 150 FREE Sun-Sorted! kits containing 30 x bottles of SunSense Kids SPF50 and eco-friendly Sun-Sorted! wristbands to claim (see details below)
  5. A toolkit of resources available to you here to help you prepare and deliver your event
  6. 10 Focus clubs around the country will have an extra pair of hands from a member of staff. They will also bring resources including a Big Weekend feather flag for the day
  7. A new and simple QR code registration system to register participants at the events, plus participants can sign up to get 15% off Cotswold Outdoor this summer, when they register
  8. Stickers to give to participants once they are registered, and bunting to mark out the route to your registration point, or around your range: for you to keep and reuse for other Open Days
  9. New microsite www.startarchery.co.uk where potential new archers can sign up to receive more information about further archery opportunities and beginners' courses on offer all around the UK
  10. Great opportunity to pull together, involve everyone (no matter age, ability or archery experience) have fun, hold a social. Also celebrate the sport we love by helping others enjoy it





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