June 01, 2022

It’s Volunteers’ Week: time to thank archery’s amazing volunteers!

It's that time again when the nation celebrates the selfless work of volunteers, and we all know archery volunteers are among the greatest out there!

Volunteers Week (1-7 June) is the annual celebration of the contribution volunteers make to our communities.

It's not hard to find a volunteer in archery - chances are they have helped you in some way, even indirectly. Volunteers are often busy working behind the scenes so might not be as visible. Others might be involved in setting up competitions, coaching, judging, providing general club support, or being archery ambassadors. Volunteer opportunities in archery can be tailored to fit around your lifestyle - whatever time you can give to the sport will be gratefully received. And we like to think volunteers get as much as they give, whether it's the reward of helping others, learning new skills, or making new friends.

Hundreds of volunteers participated in Start Archery Week last month, which saw clubs, schools and activity providers join the nationwide celebration of the sport. Thanks to these volunteers, many new people have discovered archery (or rekindled an old hobby). What's more, volunteers have helped raise the profile of archery and its accessibility. More people than ever now know how to find their local archery club!

As life returns to normal, volunteers are needed more than ever to encourage, support and inspire. Archery GB would like to thank everyone who has generously donated their time and skills, especially throughout the pandemic, in helping us rebuild and fly the flag for archery.

What's it like to volunteer in archery?
Read about the volunteering experiences of archery volunteers on our website by searching ‘Why I volunteer'. If you would like to help out at Archery GB's Lilleshall headquarters, please register your interest now by calling 01952 677 888, or you can find out about archery volunteering opportunities on our dedicated Volunteer webpage.


How archery clubs can thank their volunteers

  • Give recognition and appreciation of volunteers in newsletters or other club communications - this can be either as individuals or teams of volunteers.
  • Regular ‘shout-outs' or claps when rounds are shot - this is meaningful coming from the participants who have benefited from the volunteers' efforts.
  • Try and remember everyone - it's easy to remember the people that set the course; harder to remember the person that cleans the loos - but they need thanking just as much (maybe more!)
  • Celebrating your volunteers will create a wider volunteer awareness to the club members - acknowledgement that the club is run by volunteers.
  • Try to get volunteers acknowledged by the county, regions and Archery GB
  • Thank you, verbal and written
  • Gifts
  • Social media tags
  • Newsletter articles
  • Incentives - qualifications, training, free membership, equipment vouchers
  • References
  • Nomination for volunteer awards - AGB, Active Partnerships etc
  • Volunteer evening - BBQ/social (chat and relax together)
  • Expenses - volunteers shouldn't be out of pocket. Support funds for costs such as training (judging/coaching), but also online courses such as minute-taking courses, financial courses to support treasurers etc. This could come from counties/regions, especially considering volunteers that are working across clubs or not in their usual club.


Recognition Awards 2022

Nominate your archery hero! Archery GB is keen to highlight and recognise volunteers through the Recognition Awards. These were combined over a year ago with the ontarget awards.

The awards align with Archery GB's vision of Enriching Lives Through Archery, and the values we want the archery community to aspire to: value people for who they are and the contribution they make; choose to work and learn together; strive for excellence; always act with integrity.

Find out more about how to nominate an archery volunteer.

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