October 29, 2022

Longbow and Barebow Rankings 2022 published

The 2022 Longbow and Barebow rankings have now been published. A total of 549 archers took part with winners across four categories.

Archery GB would like to thank all the archers who took part as well as the volunteers and staff who made the rankings possible.

Helen Brown, Sarah Hubbard, Trevor Carr and Vicki Waller all took over the running of rankings this year allowing them to continue after former admins took a step back. Katy Cumming from Archery GB supported the work and Paul Gregory assisted with technical support for the website and spreadsheets.

Who were the top longbow and barebow archers in 2022?

The gents’ longbow event was won by Cliff Gadd with a score of 3023, ladies’ longbow was won by Sheila Hudson with a score of 2584.

The top gents’ barebow archer was Lonja Selter with a score of 4264. Sarah-Ruth Hubbard topped the ladies’ barebow with a score of 4190.

The full list and all the key stats can be downloaded via the button below:

2022 Rankings  

For those thinking of taking part next year, we have provided further information below.

Longbow archer

How do you take part in the longbow and barebow rankings?

The rankings are worked out using scores achieved by archers over 5 rounds. They comprise of the following:

  • 1 x York (Men) or Hereford (Women)
  • York (Men): 144 arrows at 72 arrows @ 100yd, 48 arrows @ 80yd, 24 arrows @ 60yd distance. 122cm face
  • Hereford (Women): 144 arrows in total.  72 arrows @ 80yd, 48 arrows @ 60yd, 24 arrows @ 50yd. 122cm face
  • 2 X WA720
  • Barebow - 72 arrows @50m. 122cm face.
  • Longbow - 72 arrows @70m. 122cm face.
  • 2 x WA1440
  • WA1440: 144 arrows in total. 36 arrows at each distance. 90m, 70m, 50m, 30m.
  • WA1440 Ladies: 144 arrows in total. 36 arrows at each distance 

Archers can shoot as many of these as they like throughout the season and their best score will automatically be recorded. There is no need to submit scores to the ranking team, they are collated by the team as Tournament Organisers send their results to Archery GB.

Where can I shoot my round?

Scores must be shot at World or UK record status competitions.

Why should I take part in the rankings?

The rankings allow archers to challenge themselves, shoot the furthest distances, compete over the course of a season, and try to achieve or beat their own ranking goals. Even if an archer does not complete every round required, they are still included on the table and are able to compare their scores against those of others and get an idea of how they are doing, if that’s what they wish to do.

What’s the time commitment and cost in taking part?

The time and cost depend on which competitions the archers decide to enter, archers can stay local or travel across the country to shoot and achieve their ranking scores!

Sarah Hubbard

What is it like to take part?

Sarah Hubbard is part of the group who helped put the rankings together, she also won the Ladies Barebow.

Sarah said: "It feels great to top the ladies barebow rankings this year, especially as I have worked hard to improve my performance this year. I also came first last year also but I wanted to improve and build on that this year.

"I think taking part in the rankings is a great way to perhaps shoot out of your comfort zone and find out where you stand against others in your category. It is also a great way of making new friends and travelling more to the different shoots.

"The barebow family is growing and competitions are always a great way to meet new friends. I cannot recommend competing enough, it’s just a fantastic part of the sport I love."

2023 Longbow and Barebow Rankings

Details of next year’s rankings are yet to be finalised so keep an eye on our website, social media channels and your inbox for when the next rankings are launched.

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