July 23, 2021

Olympic recurve qualification day

Team GB's recurve qualification is completed on the Opening Ceremony day at Tokyo 2020.

The recurve qualification is done for Tokyo 2020!

Individual Recurve Qualification

In the recurve women, Sarah Bettles qualified highest for Team GB at 15th place. Bryony Pitman ranked 38th and Naomi Folkard in 47th.

Heading into eliminations, Bettles will face 50th seed Acosta of Colombia. Followed by either fellow Brit Folkard or 18th seed Jiaxin Wu of PR China in the 1/16.

Pitman will shoot against 27th seed Tan Ya-Ting of Chinese Taipei. Followed by either 59th seed Elwalid of Tunisia or sixth seed Roman of Mexico in the 1/16 matches.

Folkard will shoot against 18th seed Jiaxin Wu of PR China in her first match. Followed by either Bettles or 50th seed Acosta of Colombia in the 1/16.

In the recurve men, Patrick Huston qualified 25th, James Woodgate in 38th and Tom Hall in 48th.

Ahead of eliminations, Huston will shoot against 40th seed D'Almeida of Brazil. Followed by either 57th seed Valladont of France or eighth Van Den Berg of the Netherlands in the 1/16 matches.

Woodgate will shoot against 27th seed Abdullin of Kazakhstan. Followed by either 59th seed Naploszek of Poland or sixth seed Wijler of the Netherlands in the 1/16.

Hall faces Shana of Bangladesh in his first match. Followed by either 49th seed Olaru of Moldova or 16th seed Duenas of Canada in the 1/16th matches.

Recurve Team Qualification

The women's team qualified in ninth place with 1916 points. They will shoot against the eighth seed, Italy in their first match on Sunday, followed by Korea in the 1/4 matches.

The men's team qualified in 10th place with 1959 points. The team will shoot against seventh seed Indonesia followed by the Netherlands in the 1/16th. The recurve men will be shooting their matches on Monday 26 July.

Recurve Mixed Team Qualification

The mixed team qualified in 12th place out of 16 teams. They will shoot against fifth seed PR China on Saturday 24 July.

David Tillotson, Olympic Team Director, said: "Ranking rounds at the Olympic Games are notoriously challenging and whilst indicative as to shooting abilities and it is reassuring to score well, its key purpose is to determine seedings. The event now moves quickly on to head-to-head matches on the Finals arena where every match is sudden-death. The margins between winning and losing will be small, possibly tiny, and we need to manage ourselves to be on the higher side of the line more often than not.”

"We have talented athletes who have prepared well. We have an excellent track record for navigating competition and making the podium. As competitions proceed over the course of next week we are keen and ready to match ourselves against the world-best. We are all looking forward to demonstrating our competitiveness across the three formats of individual, mixed and team.”

Richard Priestman, Archery GB National Coach, said: "The conditions were tough, with temperatures in the mid 30s and difficult, hot winds which kept the archers guessing. This resulted in some good but inconsistent shooting. Some ends were very good indeed. Some ends we would rather have the chance to shoot them again."

Looking ahead to the mixed team event on Saturday, he said: "Patrick and Sarah will represent Team GB in the Mixed Team event tomorrow after scoring highest in the ranking round. They have a good working partnership so I am looking forward to the first match tomorrow against China. It will be tough, but that's what makes this format so exciting."

Thinking about the rest of the Games, he added: Traditionally we do well in team rounds, so it's pleasing to be participating in all three team formats. Our men's and women's teams have been shooting really well together in training, especially during our familiarisation in the stadium. I expect to improve on our ranking round positions - every match is a real challenge but we always aim to win the match we are in."

For full results for the recurve qualification, see here.

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