July 06, 2024

Paris 2024: Why not organise a club event to shoot the Aim for Paris Virtual Challenge!

Organising a club night to shoot your Aim for Paris Virtual Challenge entry is not only a fantastic way to showcase your club's skills but also a chance to come together as a community and share in the excitement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Imagine the thrill of stepping onto the range alongside your friends and teammates, each arrow bringing you closer to your personal best and contributing to your club's overall score. Whether your club is full of seasoned competitors or a novice archers, hosting an event offers an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone to participate and have fun and enter the Aim for Paris Virtual Challenge.

Here are some suggestions for making your event: 

  1. Theme night: Choose a fun theme for your club night, such as "Olympic Spirit" or "Parisian Night," and encourage participants to dress accordingly. Decorate the range area with themed decorations to set the ambiance for the evening.

  2. Team challenges: Divide club members into teams and create friendly competitions within the club night. You can have team relay races, team-based scoring challenges, or even themed costume contests for each team.

  3. Skill-building stations: Set up different skill-building stations around the range where club members can practice specific aspects of their shooting technique. Include stations for aiming, form improvement, mental focus, and relaxation techniques.

  4. Mini workshops: Offer mini workshops or coaching sessions led by experienced club members or certified coaches. Topics can include shooting tips, equipment maintenance, mental preparation, and goal setting.
  5. Awards ceremony: Wrap up the club night with an awards ceremony to recognize participants' achievements during the Aim for Paris Virtual Challenge competition. Present medals or certificates to top performers in different categories and celebrate everyone's efforts and dedication to the sport.
  6. Photo booth: Set up a photo booth area with props and backdrops related to archery or the Paris theme. Encourage club members to take photos and share their club night memories on social media platforms, tagging the club's account and using relevant hashtags.

Turn it into a festive occasion with music, refreshments, and plenty of fun. Set up multiple shooting stations to accommodate different distances and bowstyles, ensuring that everyone can participate and challenge themselves according to their skill level.

Encourage friendly competition by awarding prizes for top performers within your club or create unique challenges to add an extra element of excitement to the evening. From best group score to most improved shooter, there are endless opportunities to recognise and celebrate the achievements of your fellow club members. Whether you're aiming for gold or simply aiming to have a good time, make it an event to remember.

Don't forget to share your event photos with us - send them to magazine@archerygb.org or using the #AimforParis hashtag, and we'll share some on our socials throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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