July 07, 2020

Return to Competition

We know competition is a key driver for participation - whether at club, national or international level, and we know it matters to many of our members.

We are working hard to put plans in place for a return to competition. However, with many clubs still not open, we have to work through the challenges that Covid-19 brings to running competitions safely. Alongside our key volunteers, we are creating guidance to make sure that everyone is safe and comfortable with any new arrangements required. All activity must be in line with government guidelines and our return to archery guidance. We also need to ensure that our return to competition plan, enables competitions to return in a fair way.


Tournament Organisers

Once the guidance has been finalised, we will issue it to all Tournament Organisers to explain any new processes that they may need to put in place. We will update our competition workforce shortly, as well as updating archers so that you know what to expect. There will be some changes for us all to adapt to.

UK & World Record Status (WRS)

UK and World Record Status for competitions remain suspended for the time being. World Archery is accepting World Record applications. However, until competitions can be held for the majority of archers in the UK, we believe it is right to withhold applications for WRS, and it will not open until 1 August at the earliest.

Record Status Target competitions which have been cancelled cannot be rescheduled for later in 2020, to avoid overloading the calendar. For any non-record status competitions held, we would appreciate the numbers and gender/bowtype breakdown of participants who attended. Further details will follow.

Clout, flight and field tournaments may be rescheduled. Please contact us with new dates by emailing: tournaments@archerygb.org

Target Archery

Online ‘postal' competitions can take place and we actively encourage people to take part, as it's a fun way to get back into competitions. The Archery GB Summer Metrics has been released for those who have access to their club and can take part. We've also revamped the Progress Awards for beginners - which includes adults, juniors and a new Indoor badge. Further details on the new Progress Awards can be found here.

Scores for any ‘postals' should be submitted electronically, and the rules are set by the club/organisation running the event. There is no record status associated with postal competitions.

Field Archery

A pilot competition is being held in July, which if successful will allow us to move ahead with the resumption of field competitions. The competition does not have record status, but it's allowing us to implement and test our competition guidelines for field competitions.

Clout Archery

Competitive clout archery is not permitted due to the challenges of shooting at 2m per person. Clubs can provide markings for scoring rings, where archers can collect their own arrows and there is no requirement for a distance string.

Clout competitions will be more viable if social distancing measures reduce. We are working with volunteers to implement the changes as necessary.

Flight Archery

The National Flight Championships are cancelled. However, we may be able to hold a record status shoot adhering to social distancing and other government guidelines, if it proves viable for the hosts. If you are interested in attending this, please contact Tony Bakes - email: tbakes@tbakes.karoo.co.uk

Judges & Field Party/Volunteers

We are working with the Judges Working Group and National Volunteers to update any rules or regulations that will allow the safe return of competitions. We will update these key volunteers shortly, as well as updating archers so that you know what to expect.


Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman will be frozen for 2020, and archers will be able to start 2021 still holding those classifications. During 2021, archers will have to shoot the usual competitions to maintain these classifications. Bowman, 3rd Class and below, are issued at club level. However, we recommend that these are also frozen, and archers allowed to restart in 2021.


The national rankings will be frozen for 2020. We will start again in April 2021, as the rankings were in April 2020. We will undertake the required maintenance to allow the scores to be held. Further information will be published in due course. We will ensure that no archer is disadvantaged when it comes to their ranking.

The Junior Ranking will not take place in 2020, and we look forward to confirming the procedure for 2021 later in the year.

Longbow/Barebow rankings are collated by Paul Gregory, Barry Du-Crow and Nick Hayball (aka Results Solutions) and they will also be frozen for 2020.

National Competitions

Hosting any National Championships at this time, while ensuring they are viable, fair and equitable, is a difficult task and unfortunately we do not see this being possible in 2020. We need more time to carefully plan a safe return to competitions for archers, judges and volunteers in large numbers at Lilleshall.

Therefore, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the following competitions:

  • Youth Festival - 27 to 31 July
  • British Target Championships - 8 & 9 August
  • National Flight Championships - 18 August
  • Junior National Outdoor Championships - 29 & 30 August
  • ontarget Club Competition Finals - 5 September
  • Disability Championships - 6 September
  • National County Team Championships -19 & 20 September

As we have lost many of our national competitions for this season, we are working on the possibility of trialling some one-day events on some of the dates that our national competitions would have taken place. This will allow some archers the opportunity to compete at high level this season, and allow us to pilot our return to competition guidance. This will be subject to restrictions and the ability of the venue to host events. We will update further once the government guidelines allow us to hold small competitions.

  • We hope to be able to still host a youth event at Lilleshall on the weekend we had rescheduled the JNOC (29 & 30 August).
  • The UK Masters was rescheduled for 3 & 4 October, and we still plan on hosting this event (subject to restrictions). There could be some format changes to help the event run smoothly. Further details will be shared with the participants in due course.

National Tour

All National Tour legs are now cancelled, although the competitions at the leg venues may still take place depending on the advice at the time.

We are exploring the feasibility of hosting a similar event to the National Tour Final. In line with government guidelines it will require a different format, and we are anticipating it will be an invitational showcase to provide a further opportunity to test changes to competitions. Again, more details to follow.

If you require any further advice or guidance please email tournaments@archerygb.org

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