March 23, 2022

Run Archery

A new format of archery is being trialled later this year to encourage greater participation and to provide an alternative discipline that may help with the retention and recruitment of archers and runners.

What is Run Archery?

Run archery is a shooting discipline connecting archery with running. It is similar to the sport of biathlon. World Archery Europe have been encouraging more federations to take up the sport and increase the numbers of participants taking place in the European Cup.

Shooting takes place over 18 metres, with archers carrying the bow either in the hands or in a harness. There are no compound bows, and the draw weight is limited to 35 lbs maximum.

World Archery Europe have put together a simple video introduction to Run Archery.

There are various distances, but the pilot will look at the SPRINT versions - which would include:

  • 400m run
  • Shooting 4 arrows standing
  • Any missed arrows incur a 60m penalty running lap
  • 400m run
  • Shooting 4 arrows kneeling
  • 400m run, and 50m to the finish line

Run Archery pilot event

The pilot event, for current Archery GB members only, is being held at Newark RFC's ground, home of Newark Castle Archers, and will include four races for men, women, u18 men and u18 women.

Anyone interested in attending should book their place via the Member's Portal - the day includes lunch and an opportunity to provide feedback on the event.

For further information contact Arran Coggan, email:

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