October 11, 2022

Run Archery returns with its second pilot event

A second pilot of a new discipline for the UK, Run Archery - a shooting format connecting archery with running – was delivered in September at Redhill Archers, Birmingham. Following the first pilot in Newark, archers came to together to take part in another trial of the sprint version.

For Run Archery, shooting takes place over 18 metres, with archers carrying the bow around a 400 metre course, shooting twice, once while stood and once while kneeling.

Olympian Tom Hall took part in the Men’s race and clocked the fastest time - 6 min 30 secs – to come first. In the women's race, Liz Whitworth came first with an overall time of 9 min 1 secs, shaving two minutes off her time from the first pilot in Newark. Jack Keen and Charlie State took the Junior titles with times of 10 min 21 secs and 10 min 25 secs, respectively.

"The race was so immediately rewarding"

Sharing his experience, Tom said: "I had an absolute blast taking part. Trying to keep my shooting together, under time pressure and with my heart pounding was such a rush, and then seeing it turn into a lead in the race was so immediately rewarding. I also really enjoyed being able to watch the other races and then take part in the relay rounds after, it was great fun to watch my friends and really made the whole morning."

There was also a mixed relay with each archer running and shooting one leg.

Looking back on the event, another archer shared their thoughts: "Honestly, I loved it and really hope there's more chances to do it in the future."

The event was another pilot to test out how to organise and deliver a Run Archery competition. Redhill Archers provided the work party, which included spotters who tell an athlete whether they have hit or missed the target. Qualified judges oversaw the shooting and overall event safety.

Arran Coggan, Director of Participation at Archery GB, said: "The volunteers from Redhill Archers were fantastic in putting on a great event and I would like to thank everyone either for taking part or helping support the day.

"In 2023, we hope to have 3 or 4 more events, perhaps even a Finals event, and we plan to work on attracting runners who may be interested in doing something a little different."

Anyone interested in hosting a Run Archery event in 2023 can contact Archery GB for further information - email Arran Coggan. All equipment to mark out the course can be provided, and training can be given to volunteers and event organisers. 

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All photos copyright Dave Harris.

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