February 09, 2024

Sport:80 cost-saving deal for Tournament Organisers

We are pleased to announce a new and improved deal for Tournament Organisers using Sport:80.

As part of our Digital First strategy of putting digital transformation at the heart of what we do, we are using technology to streamline systems and resources for archers and volunteers. As part of this, we have worked closely with Sport:80 to make using the Members’ Portal to host your tournament, manage entries and obtain payments cheaper and easier.

The benefits of using the Members’ Portal to administer your tournament

Benefit 1 – Save volunteer hours

By using Sport:80 all entries are automatically linked to Archery GB memberships, so only eligible members can enter, which saves you the time of checking membership details. Additionally, you don’t have to manually process entries; it's all automatic and you can even set features such as capacity to match your venue and sessions.

Benefit 2 – Cost effective solution

The cost of using this service is 2% plus Stripe fees. This is cheaper than many alternative options used in archery, such as ClubEvent (3.6% + Stripe fees), Eventbrite (6.95% + £0.59 per ticket sold) and Wix Events (2.5% fee + minimum plan cost of £7.50 p/m).

There is no monthly fee to use Sport:80 to host your events. Fees are only taken on payment, which then is paid via Stripe into your bank account.

Benefit 3 – Market your event with the Archery GB Competition Finder

Week on week, the most visited page on the Archery GB website is the Competition Finder, with between 1,000-2,200 page visits every seven days. By using Sport:80, archers can discover and book onto your event quickly and easily, making your marketing and promotion even easier - with just a few clicks.

Benefit 4 – Event administration tools

The Portal includes a range of reporting, email and analysis tools to make it easier than ever to email entries and check in with how your event marketing is going. Additionally, as it’s all within the platform, all entry data is safely secure and stored within the Members’ Portal.

Benefit 5 – Modern payment options (inc. Apple Pay)

Archery GB have seen a large rise in people using Apple Pay and other equivalent services to pay for their entries, speeding up the booking process to just a couple clicks of a button and reducing any friction of needing to have card details to hand. Never fear though, as there is still the option for people to pay via credit/debit card too.

Training and webinars

If you want to learn more and understand how to setup your event, please visit this page for further information and to watch tutorial videos from Sport:80.

Additionally, Robert Potts, our Digital Operations Manager, will be hosting two webinars in the coming weeks. These webinars will guide you through using the system and will offer the opportunity to ask Rob any questions you have regarding the system.

Thursday 15 February at 7:00pm – click here to book

Monday 26 February at 7:00pm – click here to book

Click here for training resources

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