May 14, 2022

Stay sun-safe for Start Archery Week!

As the weather warms up, many of us are eager to shed our woollens and soak up the sun. When you're enjoying yourself at the range, it can be easy to forget the impact of UV exposure as you focus on the target.

Start Archery Week (14-22 May) is finally here! We hope you're looking forward to celebrating the sport at an archery range near you. It's a chance to meet fantastic people, learn something new, and an opportunity to join our friendly and welcoming archery community!

Lots of Start Archery Week events will be taking place outdoors this week, making the most of the good weather. But while you're shooting those arrows, don't forget to stay safe in the sunshine.

Sportspeople receive substantially higher UV exposure, and routinely exceed the recommended exposure limits, increasing their risk of sun damage and skin cancer. Factors such as sweating, water contact, minimal clothing, and lack of shade, make it even more relevant, however, only 50% currently sun protect when exercising outdoors.*
* Cancer Research UK 2020

Sunguarding Sport is a free resource from the Melanoma Fund that provides a systematic approach to educate and raise awareness of sun protection to all in sport and outdoor recreation. It provides guidelines, sport specific advice (created in partnership with each governing body) and a toolkit of downloadable materials, designed to be shared by all in sport.

Topics include which sunscreen to use, type of clothing, tips on application and shade, how to avoid or deal with heatstroke, sunburn, heat exhaustion, dehydration and much more.

Sun safety top tips

1. UV radiation cannot be seen or felt, so check the UV Index daily, and use sun protection when it reads 3 or over.
2. A short training session can last for hours, so get into the habit of being sun prepared before you start any outdoor activity.
3. Sunscreen can wear, wash, rub or sweat off, so reapply every two hours or more often when around water.
4. To avoid a greasy grip, use a sunscreen applicator or clean palms with a small towel and alcohol gel.
5. When removing clothing on a warm day, remember to apply sunscreen to all newly exposed areas of skin.

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