April 21, 2021

Stephen Shaw gets back to Barnsley Archery Club

Izzy Carpenter asked Stephen Shaw, from Barnsley Archery Club, about his return to shooting.

Stephen Shaw, from Barnsley Archery Club, has been shooting since 1999. Stephen first started shooting when he was a child and joined his first club, Chantry Bowmen, in 1999.

During his time in the sport, he and five other members set up Greenman Archers. After four or five years, Steve and his good friend, the late Viv Oxley, left to join Barnsley Archery Club where he still shoots today.

Izzy had the chance to ask about his return to his archery club.

[caption id="attachment_26542" align="aligncenter" width="493"] Stephen Shaw from Barnsley Archery Club[/caption]

What have you missed most about shooting?

I have missed seeing my friends at the club. Also, the challenge of long-distance shooting that you get to practice.

Have you done any resistance training or exercise at home to stay strong?

It differs from how I'm feeling on the day. I usually do lightweights of around 30 reps in three to five sets. I've also done resistance work using resistance bands (gold strength) throughout the day. It all depends on how motivated I feel.

What are you looking forward to doing first when shooting recommences?

When the lockdown started, I had only partially tuned my indoor bow, so I will finish doing that and then I will check out my outdoor bow at the archery club.

How does archery normally fit into your daily routine?

I usually shoot whenever I get the chance. However, since lockdown, I have fallen in love with fishing again so may not shoot as often as I used to. I have a pretty extensive library as well, so reading has been a good and interesting time filler.

Also, what was it like not having archery for someone who's retired?

Boring. Thankfully our archery club has a great and safe system going so we can shoot safely now.

Has your archery club got back to shooting?

Get in touch with us know with stories about getting back to shooting! We love to hear your stories, especially after this long year!

If you've got back to shooting or looking to get back soon, head over to our Improve Your Game page for ideas on how to get ready.



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