May 09, 2024

Sun safety course launches for coaches and archers

Sun protection charity and Archery GB partner the Melanoma Fund has launched a sun safety course for coaches and activity providers.

Launched during Sun Awareness Week, the course is designed to elevate standards in sun safety education and skin cancer prevention, targeted at those at the highest risk in the sports and outdoor sector. 

The free online course, Sunguarding: Sun and heat protection for sports and outdoor recreation, is developed especially for those who work with people outdoors, from volunteers to professionals. 

Using practical strategies and insights, it provides the knowledge and skills required to mitigate the risks of UV exposure, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of sports and outdoor activity leaders, coaches, and participants. 

Created by experts, in collaboration with leading universities and prominent national governing bodies,  the course is accredited by CIMSPA and the Institute of Outdoor Learning and gives accreditation upon completion. Providing 3 CPD points, it has been shared for use as a key resource for leading sports and outdoor organisations, including UK Coaching, the Association of Physical Education, and many others.  

University offer

The charity says until now, sun and heat protection have not been integrated into the university syllabus for students studying sports and outdoor recreation. However, the Melanoma Fund’s course will be available in a flexible PowerPoint format, designed specifically for lecturers, enabling them to weave it into their courses.

To inspire behavioural change, the course calls on influential individuals such as professional sportspeople, coaches, activity group leaders and parents – to champion sun protection, by modelling healthy habits themselves.

Michelle Baker, CEO of the Melanoma Fund, said: "In light of the rising incidence of skin cancer in the UK, and the growing frequency of extreme heat during the summer months, it is imperative for the sports and outdoor recreation sector to proactively 'sunguard' outdoor activities."

Emma Kasprzak, Head of Communications, said: "Previously, the Melanoma Fund has provided advice to Archery GB members, particularly during a heatwave and representatives of the charity attended a national competition to give out tips to archers on staying safe on the field of play.
"The timing of the launch of this course during Start Archery Week and ahead of the outdoor season and at the peak time for beginners courses, couldn't be better as it means volunteers and archers can learn effective sun and heat protection when they need it most."  

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