June 21, 2016

Tell Us What Makes You Great!

Being part of a club benefits our lives in more ways than we imagine. So we have a new campaign - Great Archery Clubs - to showcase and share the best of what is happening in clubs across the UK.

Does that sound like your club? Then get involved! Every ontarget club is receiving a support pack in the post to bring committees and members right up to date with headline programmes designed especially for clubs. You can:

  • Share your experience by letting us know how your club makes archery special. Post your comments, club photos, and videos on social media. And use our special hashtags - #greatclubs and #clubexperience - to make sure you club gets the attention it deserves.
  • Watch our club videos for the latest ideas coming from award winning archery clubs.
  • Come to a club workshop to explore new ideas and collaborate with others on issues that are important to you.
  • Complete a survey telling us in more detail the role that coaching has towards shaping your experiences in archery. There is also a prize-draw with three £100 vouchers available to spend at Clickers Archery.
  • Sport England's Clubmatters has a new section exploring what it is like to be a member at your club and what could help make that experience even better.

Archery GB is sponsored by Foresters Friendly Society www.forestersfriendlysociety.co.uk

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