June 08, 2023

The GB compound women conquer the world rankings and make history

Great Britain's compound women have ranked first in the world for the first time.

Over the past two years, Great Britain's team talent has soared, as has their success. As a result of their medal haul, the compound women climbed the world rankings to first place, tied with the Mexican women.

Just like the individual ranking system, the team ranking system takes a country’s top performances at world ranking events to accumulate towards their finishing position. For the GB women, the points they earned at four international events contributed to their new place in the overall standings.

GB compound woman, Ella Gibson, said: "I feel like this has been a really long time coming and everyone has worked so hard to make this happen. Having so many women in the team contributing to this ranking I think just really shows how as a country we're improving and levelling up, and how we can all work together no matter who's in the team that day to still be able to come away with a medal and really perform."

Here is how the team's 244 world ranking points break down, where they were shot and who helped achieve them:

Medellin World Cup 2022 = 68 points

Ella Gibson, Izzy Carpenter and Lizzie Foster competed at the Colombia stage of the World Cup last year where they earned a silver medal.

Paris World Cup 2022 = 68 points

Layla Annison joined Ella and Lizzie in shooting for another silver team medal against the trio from France.

European Championships 2022 = 60 points

In the German city Munich, Ella, Izzy and para archer Jess Stretton shot their way to victory and claimed the gold medal and European title.

Shanghai World Cup 2023 = 48 points

Ella, Lizzie and the newest squad member Grace Chappell came away with 4th at this event, narrowly missing out to the women from Turkiye.

Ella continued: "I'm really proud of all these women. I think this is just another stepping stone to really show that Great Britain's compound team is moving in the right direction, and that we are a really competitive force internationally. I hope we can continue with this and get some more medals, especially some gold medals."

Congratulations to the six compound women who contributed to GB’s highest team world ranking yet:

Ella Gibson

Izzy Carpenter

Lizzie Foster

Layla Annison

Jess Stretton

Grace Chappell

Find their new team world ranking here.

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