September 14, 2023

The UK Junior Masters and the JAS Finals champions are crowned

The UK Junior Masters and the JAS Finals champions are crowned at the two day event at Deer Park Archers

The UK Junior Masters and the final stage of the Junior Archery Series took place this past weekend. Over 100 juniors aged from 10 to 20 years old took part across the two-day event, a 50% increase on entry numbers for 2022.

Recurve and longbow Saturday enjoyed the peak of the heatwave, with the day topping 30 degrees. On the Sunday for the compound and barebow archers, the weather reverted to typical British affair of overcast, with light showers and sunshine later on.

A total of 177 different archers took part in at least one stage of the JAS series, representing 89 different clubs from across all four of the home nations. The 42 archers who competed in at least 3 of the 4 stages qualified for the Finals at Deer Park Archers.

Pete Sissons, Tournament Organiser, said: “It was a privilege for Deer Park Archers to host the inaugural Junior Archer Series Finals and see the best archers from all over the country come together to shoot in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere, with everyone wanting to see others succeed.” 

UK Junior Masters Champions

  • Compound Women - Chloe A'Bear
  • Compound Men - Luke Davis 

  • Barebow Women - Emma James
  • Barebow Men - Ollie Hicks

  • Recurve Women - Megan Havers
  • Recurve Men - Moses Cheung

UK Junior Masters age category winners

  • Compound U21 Mixed - Luke Davis
  • Compound U18 Men - Ryan Faulkner
  • Compound U18 Women - Isabella Bruguier
  • Compound U15 Mixed - Holly Hopkinson

  • Barebow U21 & U18 women - Evie Finnegan
  • Barebow U18 Men - Ollie Hicks
  • Barebow U15 Mixed - Alexis Williams
  • Barebow U12 Mixed - Emma James

  • Recurve U21 Men - Sum Hin Moses Cheung
  • Recurve U21 Women - Megan Havers
  • Recurve U18 Men - Edward Gray
  • Recurve U18 Women - Lucy Coutts
  • Recurve U15 Men - Lewis Bodkin
  • Recurve U15 Women - Hetty Duncan
  • Recurve U12 Mixed - Zack Bruckshaw 
  • Recurve U14 Women - Meredith Burton

JAS Finals Champion of Champions

  • Recurve - Alex Sillitoe-Price

  • Compound - Chloe A'Bear

  • Barebow - Tom Wiggin

JAS Finals age group winners

  • Recurve U21 Women - Megan Havers
  • Recurve U21 Men - Shay Boyd
  • Recurve U18 Women - Holly Linfield
  • Recurve U18 Men - Edward Gray
  • Recurve U15 Women - Abigail Hedges
  • Recurve U15 Men - Alex Sillitoe-Price
  • Recurve U12 Women - Lily Staite
  • Recurve U12 Men - Zack Bruckshaw

  • Compound U21 Women - Chloe A'Bear
  • Compound U21 Men - Keith Radigan
  • Compound U18 Women - Louise Bassett
  • Compound U18 Men - Ryan Faulkner
  • Compound U15 Women - Harriet Beckinsale-Smith
  • Compound U15 Men - Cairn Boyd

  • Barebow U21 Women - Rachael Vallis
  • Barebow U18 Women - Emily Summers
  • Barebow U18 Men - Tom Wiggin
  • Barebow U15 Women - Alexis Williams
  • Barebow U15 Men - Matthew Taylor

Andrew Stanford, Director of Shooting Judge, said: "I had the pleasure of being involved with two of the stages this year. I think the concept is great and is an additional route to build confidence in our juniors on a competitive level. As a judge and member of the AGB Board, it was great to witness the smiles on all the medal winners faces when presenting the JAS medals to them all - an utter pleasure!" 

See all the score here:

- Saturday 9th

- Sunday 10th

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