January 28, 2022

What happens at the Nîmes Archery Tournament?

Bayley Sargeant recently competed at the Nîmes Archery Tournament, let's see what it's all about!

The Nîmes Archery Tournament is part of the World Archery Indoor World Series. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the 2022 season is only Nîmes and The Vegas Shoot. This year it was held on 21 - 23 January, and GB archer Bayley Sargeant is a regular competitor at the event.

We spoke to Bayley Sargeant about topics around the tournament.

What is the Nîmes Archery Tournament?

The Nîmes Archery Tournament is run over three days, three qualification sessions and eliminations followed by finals. The round shot is a WA18, with a maximum of 600 points avaialble.

The 2022 edition shot finals on the triagnle three-spot face, for television purposes. To watch the finals, see here.

Can anyone shoot at the World Indoor Series?

"I love the World Indoor Series because it's an open event. Anyone who is affiliated with a national governing body can enter! You get to shoot with the world's best archers and learn in-person how it is to shoot on the international stage.

You can watch how the best cope with the pressure of competing. Nîmes is a really accessible tournament to all and is especially good for junior archers who want to gain international experience."

How does it feel competing at one of the Indoor World Series events?

"I was so happy to be back competing at the Indoor World Series again this year! I love these events and I love the pressure that comes with it. The atmosphere is always so intense. Personally, I love competing at the Indoor events because they give me more international experience every year, and that can only be a positive thing."

How do UK competitions help prepare for shooting on the big international stage?

"U.K. tournaments, especially the AGB Indoor Nationals and Back to Back really replicate the pressure and style of international events. They are the best way to prepare and gain experience.

"Once you learn the format of 18m ranking rounds, the timings and the way H2H's are shot, you will feel much more confident and comfortable shooting at international events like Nîmes. I would highly recommend attending the Indoor Nationals before going to attend the Indoor World Series events."

What advice do you have?

"My main advice for anyone wanting to compete at Indoor World Series, like Nîmes, is to get some experience. Attend some local 18m tournaments and then shoot the Indoor Nationals for H2H experience. Don't be afraid to enter, but also remember to keep open-minded. Use it as experience and don't have crazy expectations.

"Preparation is key, so make sure to have some local and national tournaments behind you before taking the next step up! For those who want to compete internationally for GB - you should definitely look at attending the World Indoor Series events as they follow the exact same format."

Full results can be found here.


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