November 12, 2020

Why I volunteer in archery

Continuing our volunteering theme, Archery GB Club Ambassador Helen Sharpe, pictured above with her son Jack, tells us what she loves about volunteering in the sport.

Helen said: "I have a bit of a passion for volunteering and took up my first official volunteering role at the age of 16, almost 30 years ago.

"Since then I have done so many things. Currently within archery I have three club roles, one county role, one regional role and the AGB Club Ambassador role, which I love.

"As an adult Club Ambassador, one of the things that surprised me is that at larger events, such as the Youth Festival, people approached me to ask questions on behalf of their children. For different reasons, they hadn't been able to find answers and were reluctant to directly approach AGB because they felt their question wasn't important enough. This experience made me realise the important role that AGB ambassadors have.

"My aim at the very beginning, when I completed the volunteer application, was to offer assistance with regards to disability and inclusion as we, as a family, had received such huge support coming into the sport [Helen's son has right temporal lobe epilepsy] and I was disappointed to speak to people who had received very different treatment. I love that as a family we all stand in different places on the shooting line as we are all accepted.

"I'm aware that I struggle not to stick my hand in the air when volunteers are sought but I get so much in return for the time I give. I like the opportunity to help people, and to encourage new people into the sport and represent it in different places within the community.

"There are days when I want to stay in the house because it's cold and dark, but I get out there because I'm committed to being there. The reward is knowing that I have given someone something they didn't know how or where to get.

"I would recommend anyone to give volunteering a go. Even a few hours a year can be hugely beneficial. And never worry about skills. If you need training or support, those already involved will welcome you and give you what you need. It is, after all, in their nature as volunteers to do just that."

Ready to volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering in archery, please complete this volunteer survey, so we can find out more information about you and the volunteer roles you are interested in. We will then use this information to help signpost you to appropriate training and match your volunteering interests to available opportunities.

Does your club need volunteers?

If you run a club and need more volunteers, please complete this club survey so we can help match available volunteers to roles you need filling within your club.

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