August 03, 2021

Youth Festival Team Finals

A windy finals field at Lilleshall played host the first day of medal matches for the mixed teams and teams.

Up first were the recurve cadet mixed team. Team 'Kodos' (Imogen Newby and Callum Piggott) and team 'Adam West' (Alia Fallouh and Archie Bromley) took their match to a shoot-off where 'Kodos' won the gold with 17-13 points. In the recurve cadet women team, a foot fault for team 'Side Show Mel' (Anna Blythe, Heike Palmer, and Meghan Robertson) meant they ran out of time on their last arrow of the third end which helped team 'Fry' (Penny Healey, Charlotte Hempsall, and Katie Mundy-Gill) take the win, 6-2. The last match for the recurve cadets were the men's team where team 'Try McLure' (Evan Cawdell, Marco Costanza, and Riley Spencer-Nice) took gold over team 'Todd' (William Addison, Daniel Bowman, and Edward Gray), 6-2.

The afternoon continued with the difficult conditions, but team 'Barney' (Megan Costall and Cameron Radigan) was able to beat team 'Fat Tony' (Nicole Burdett and Luke Wheeler) in the recurve junior mixed team, 6-2. And lastly for the recurves, the junior team match saw team 'Comic Book Guy' (Niamh Titchener, Mirran Yule, and Cameron Radigan) win 6-2 over team 'Brockman' (Nicole Burdett, Monty Orton, and Luke Wheeler).

Next up were the compounds, starting with the youth women team. A tight match the whole way through saw both teams draw on 214-214. In the shoot-off, team 'Foghorn Leghorn' (Chloe A'Bear, Isabella Bruguier, and Sinead Byrne) won with a 29 end to team 'Burn's' (Layla Annison, Hallie Boulton, and Paige Jones) 25. For the compound youth men gold match, 'Millhouse' (Aiden Elves, Lewis Haslam, and Louis Perkins) finished with a strong 5 point lead over team 'Moe' (Thomas Lane, Oscar Orford, and Jay Saunderson), 218-213, to take the win. In the mixed team for the compound cadets, it was a close match throughout, but it was team 'Chuckie' (Isabella Bruguier and Oscar Orford) who were able to hold their nerve long enough to win with just a single point, 145-144, over team 'Tommy' (Chloe A'Bear and Dru Ridding). The final match of the day saw the compound junior mixed teams battle it out for gold. In the end, team 'Tigger' (Layla Annison and Ajay Scott) took the win with a two point advantage over team 'Eeyore' (Jenny Bryan and Lewis Haslam), 148-146.


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