Paris 2024: Hosting an Aim for Paris event

Aim for Paris, our celebration of the 2024 Paris Games, kicks off on 1 June and we have put together all the resources you need to host an event.

This page is mostly for clubs and our members. If you're interested in attending an event, picking up a bow and having a go, you’ll be able to discover experiences near you, find out what to expect from attending an archery event, and read more about the sport over on our other website, Start Archery.

Aim for Paris: 1 June to 30 September 2024

We're inviting all our members and clubs to get behind Aim for Paris and join in the excitement of a Games year. The world is turning its attention to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, and by participating, you'll not only be supporting our community but also showcasing the strength and unity of Archery GB members.Phoebe Paterson Pine holding her gold medal at Toyo 2020

Clubs and partners

We're encouraging all our clubs and partners to hold Aim for Paris events, similar to those of Start Archery Week, across the summer. Hosting an Aim for Paris event at your club is a fantastic way to engage members, attract new participants, and celebrate the excitement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. These events provide a unique opportunity for archers of all levels to enjoy our sport in a fun, inclusive environment while connecting with the broader archery community. By aligning your club with this international celebration of sport, you can inspire a shared sense of purpose and joy among your members. Plus, it's a great way to showcase your passion for archery, promote skill development, and create lasting memories. 

These can be open events, inviting members of the public in to celebrate our sport, or watch parties, bringing members of your local community together to participate in the joy and excitement that an Olympic and Paralympic Games brings. Perhaps you'll want to show the inclusive nature of archery or your club by hosting adaptive archery sessions for members of the public to come and try. Here are some suggestions to help you plan your event: 

  • Have-a-go sessions: provide introductory archery sessions where participants can try their hand at shooting a bow under the guidance of experienced club members
  • Family fun days: organise a family-friendly event with archery activities for all ages, including games, competitions, and challenges. You could assign groups as "countries" and compete in your own mini Olympics or Paralympics. 
  • Community and school fairs: set up a booth at community fairs, festivals, or school sports days to introduce archery to a wider audience and promote club membership
  • Fundraising events: organise open archery tournaments, fun shoots, or sponsored events to raise funds for club activities, equipment, or charitable causes
  • Theme nights: host themed archery nights such as medieval or fantasy-themed shoots, costume contests, or movie nights featuring archery-themed films and invite members of the public along to take part
  • Adaptive archery sessions: offer inclusive archery sessions tailored for individuals with disabilities or special needs, providing adaptive equipment and support as needed
  • Club competitions: organise intra-club tournaments or friendly competitions to encourage participation among club members

We've also included a list of suggestions for incorporating Olympic and Paralympic themes into your event in the Aim for Paris Toolkit (see below). 

Clubs who sign up to host at least one event will be sent a free Aim for Paris event club bundle! This contains five metres of bunting, Aim for Paris-branded stickers, certificates and balloons, plus five Aim for Paris badges for you to give to your volunteers. AAPs who sign up to host at least one event will be sent a free Aim for Paris event AAP bundle that includes Aim for Paris-branded stickers, certificates and balloons.

Everything will be added to our brand new shop, too, so you can purchase additional items individually. Need a personalised poster for your event? We've got you covered. Want some extra badges to give to participants? We've got those too. You can even get your hands on some lovely bunting to help lead the way to your event. 

Visit the AGB Shop

Aim for Paris Toolkit

Not only will you have some fancy merchandise to help make your event special, we've also put together a Toolkit for you to use to plan and promote your event. It includes an editable poster, a poster to get people to sign up to our newsletter (they can win prizes, including two places on a beginner's course) and some social media images and suggested text. There's also a template press release for you to send out to local news and radio stations. We'll add the link below (and in the top right of this page) as soon as everything is ready. 

Get yourselves signed up! 

If you've started planning your event - or events - already, and you've got the details ready to go, then you can sign up now!

For clubs, you'll need to sign up through the Club Management System (CMS) in Sport:80. By doing so, we can make sure that not only do you get the right support from your Regional Development Officer, but your event will appear on our Experience Finder over on Start Archery, which is used thousands of times each week! Here's a quick guide to how to add your event: 

  1. Log into your club profile on the membership portal
  2. Click 'Access AGB CMS' on the left-hand menu
  3. From the menu icon (three lines in the top left corner) choose 'Location' and 'Add New' for the location of the new event you're adding, giving it a title to identify it, and full address with postcode – and click save before leaving each page. Enter the location postcode in the middle 'Geography' tab, and click save -  a red marker should show on the map now.
  4. Click the menu icon again, and now choose 'Bookings' and 'Add new'.  
  5. Enter a title, select the location, choose the activity category from the drop-down menu – Aim for Paris – then click 'Create'
  6. Tap 'Make Public Event' on the 'Basic Details' page. To be visible on the Experience Finder the event needs to be public
  7. Type 'archery' in the 'Activity' box
  8. Fill in every box – set any age restrictions and add accessibility details under 'Supported disabilities'
  9. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page
  10. Click the 'Schedule' tab at the top, then click the red plus symbol to add event details
  11. Enter a start date, end date, start time and duration (of the whole event), and the day of the week. Unless you are taking payments for bookings, make one entry per day
  12. Check details by clicking the three dots next to the 'Save' button on the top right, then 'Sessions'. Click the pencil icon to edit

If you've not quite got to grips with adding your event to the CMS, that's fine. We've created a video to help you add your event. To access the CMS, log into the members’ portal as a club admin or super admin and select 'Access AGB CMS' and then follow the steps in the webinar below.

If you would like any extra support setting up your club on the CMS or adding your Aim for Paris event details, please contact your Regional Development Officer

For Archery Activity Partners, schools and other organisations, you won't be able to access the CMS, but we can still help promote your event. Sign up using this form, and we'll add your event to the Experience Finder map on our Start Archery website. 

Need help? Not sure how to get started? 

Your Regional Development Officers are the best people to contact. Between them, they've supported hundreds of events up and down the country, so don't be afraid to get in touch with them. 

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