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Jaspreet, also known as Jess, is originally from the East End of London. In her words, not somewhere you immediately think of as a breeding ground for archers! Jaspreet was always sporty growing up with netball and basketball being her main sports before finding archery. She got introduced to archery when she was 16 and found out she was quite good at it! Her family moved away from London a few years ago so she changed club. Jaspreet is now with Peacock Archers who are based just outside of Cambridge. Jaspreet said: “I am really lucky to be with a club that is fully supportive of me and my ambitions.”

There have been several real ‘high points’ that have helped to keep Jaspreet motivated and move forward with her shooting. The one arrow shoot-off against Naomi Folkard in 2019 to win her first National Tour, winning the UK Masters in 2021, seeing her 720 scores consistently above 650, a personal best of 668 and medaling in her fourth NT Finals. But top of the list so far has to be joining the PAPP at the end of 2021. Her goals for the year were to make the squad and team for the World Cup season which she achieved. She also won gold in the women’s recurve team event with her teammates Penny Healey and Bryony Pitman in her first World Cup appearance and silver as part of the women's team at a later stage. Outside of archery, Jaspreet is from what she describes as a pretty traditional Sikh family, so there’s always loads of family things going on which keep her pretty busy when she’s not training or competing.


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