Vetting and DBS Checks

Archery GB staff and volunteers in regulated roles are required by law to have a vetting check in place. Archery GB is committed to keeping archery a safe and welcoming sport for all.

Archery GB staff and volunteers in regulated roles are required by law to have DBS or other vetting checks

Archery GB is committed to keeping archery a safe and welcoming sport for all. Vetting checks are carried out on anyone who fulfils the roles of:

  • Sports Coach
  • Non-certified Coach/Archer
  • Child Protection Officer/Welfare Officer/Safeguarding Officer
  • Club Supervisor

Scotland uses the Protected Vulnerable Groups (PVG) check and Northern Ireland uses the Access Northern Ireland check - more information on these checks is further down the page.

First Time DBS Applications (for those who are not coaches)

Anyone requiring a DBS application for the first time who is not a coach, e.g. Welfare/Safeguarding Officers, should contact the DBS Officer, Andrea Holmes who can start the process for you by emailing

DBS Applications for New Coaches and Renewals

New coaches and people renewing their DBS can self-register with First Advantage:

  1. Go to to register
  2. Complete the self-registration form on the next page and click 'Register'
  3. Once you have verified your email and logged into the online system, you will be asked for the position applied for in line one – choose 'Child Workforce' and in line two add the role e.g. Sports Coach or Child Protection Officer
  4. Click 'Next' and follow the onscreen instructions to get the renewal under way. This part of the process must be completed before returning ID verification forms
  5. Download the ID verification form for you to fill in and send to your verifier, or the Archery GB verifier. Download the form here and follow the instructions on the form

Queries can be sent to and the team will be able to help you.

DBS application fees

DBS applications for Archery GB’s workforce are free of charge. If there are any costs passed onto Archery GB by our Online Disclosure Service, associated with the applicant living overseas within the last five years, the applicant will be expected to cover the costs as well.

Archery GB handles all DBS applications sensitively and confidentially

Having a criminal record does not automatically prohibit an individual from undertaking a role working within our clubs. All DBS disclosures and other vetting checks are handled confidentially, and are subject to review by the Case Management Panel.

DBS update service

To make DBS renewals easier you can apply to join the update service, however, you only have 30 calendar days from the date that your certificate was issued to apply for this service. 

 A consent form can be obtained from Archery GB by emailing us here.

Status checks and portability

Due to the difficulty ensuring that original DBS certificates are assessed by appropriate individuals and that confidential personal information is not shared or lost inadvertently or unnecessarily, Archery GB will not accept DBS Certificates processed by other organisations. 

The club committee is responsible for assessing whether an individual’s role meets the criteria for requiring a vetting check. To decide whether a role meets the criteria, you can use our flowchart which can be downloaded from the related resources tab.

Privacy for DBS applications from transgender people

The DBS offers a confidential checking process to protect the privacy of applicants who have undergone gender reassignment. This process provides applicants with the opportunity not to reveal their previous name(s) and/or gender to their employer or other organisation, when applying for a DBS check.

The DBS is fully committed to promoting equality and eliminating discrimination on grounds of gender identity and this process ensures that a transgender person’s application is dealt with sensitively and without the need to disclose previous names to the employer, whilst maintaining the integrity of the DBS service.

The DBS provides a designated point of contact for transgender applicants, dedicating a small resource to deal with any queries that are raised, and provides help and support throughout the process. They are also solely responsible for contacting the applicant if further information is required.

If an applicant has a conviction under their previous details, it will show on a completed check. If a certificate is going to show any personal details that the applicant may not wish to disclose, the applicant will be informed of this and they will have the opportunity to withdraw the application.

For more information, or to use the process, please contact:

ID checking guidelines

Read more about the forms of identification the DBS services accepts

PVG Check - Scottish Archery

For residents in Scotland a PVG check will be required from Scottish Archery

For information on a PVG check please contact or call 01875 811 344. 

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