May 16, 2019

Archery beats exam stress!

Exams are looming. It is a stressful time. Exercise is a proven way of letting off steam - so getting your bow out and letting some arrows fly could be exactly what you need.

Poring over your books is essential. But we've all been at the point where you are re-reading the same paragraph over and over and endless caffeine boosts just aren't cutting it any more. Exercise relieves stress, boosts your memory and energy levels and, most importantly, increases concentration and focus. That is where archery comes in - and medical student and Archery GB student Ambassador Connor Williams knows that better than most.

He said: "I've used archery as a stress reliever since before I started university. I'm now a fourth year medical student with assessments and deadlines coming out of my ears but heading down to the range gives me a chance to switch off, relax and have fun.

"I find that by giving myself some downtime each week, I not only relieve some of the stress of university, but it also encourages me to be more productive during the rest of my time. At Exeter, we run a weekly training session for archers in our competition squad, which is based around exercise and bow drills, so really helps people to let off some steam!”

Another Ambassador, Ffion Edgeley, said: "I find that it's important to take breaks from course work to exercise because, if you work for too long, you can quickly ‘burn out' and lose motivation, especially if your work is creative. Spending a couple of hours shooting and having a good laugh with friends really recharges you. It also breaks up your day into sections which prevents you from sitting in the same room all day and the deadlines from becoming too overwhelming!”

You can find out more about the best ways to revise, manage your time and relieve stress here.

Above: Meet our student Ambassadors

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