December 02, 2021

Archery GB Back to Back 2021: Ones to Watch

Keep your eyes open for these talented archers at the 2021 TRUball/Axcel Back to Back event.

The most competitive UK indoor event has returned. Archery GB's Back to Back tournament will run for its tenth year after it was sadly cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. This weekend, the competition will bring together some of the best archers from all around the UK, as well as some familiar international faces. Here is everything you need to know about a few of the archers who will definitely be ones to watch.


Mike Schloesser - World Ranked no. 1

Category: Compound Men
Country: Netherlands
Indoor achievements include: Twelve-time World Series individual medallist, World champion 2018, two-time Vegas World Cup champion, and the first person to score 600/600 on WA18 to earn him the name Mr Perfect.
Outdoor achievements include: Three-time World Cup Final champion, Outdoor World champion, eight-time World Cup stage champion, and World Field champion.


Domagoj Buden - World Ranked no. 30

Category: Compound Men
Country: Croatia
Indoor achievements include: World Cup champion at the GT Open, European bronze medallist, and World Cup finalist.
Outdoor achievements include: Two-time World Field Championship bronze medallist, two-time European Field champion, and World Cup stage medallist.

When the last Back to Back event was held in 2019, Domagoj came in second to Stephan Hanson from Denmark.
"What I love about the Back to Back is the fact that you can shoot a ton of arrows under tournament nerves all day. It's great to get used to the stress and learn how to cope with it," Buden said.


Sarah Prieels - World Ranked no. 10

Category: Compound Women
Country: Belgium. Currently residing in Scotland
Indoor achievements include: European champion, Vegas World Cup champion, Lancaster Classic champion, World record holder (597/600).
Outdoor achievements include: European champion, World Cup finalist, and World Cup medallist.

At the last Back to Back event in 2019, Sarah came in first place for the compound women.
"I think the Back to Back is a great way to practice head to heads for the rest of the season. I loved the shoot up format for the finals, and I am a big fan of using the X ring as eleven scoring. I am excited for this season to finally get started," Prieels said.


Gaby Schloesser - World Ranked no. 21

Category: Recurve Women
Country: Netherlands
Indoor achievements include: World Series champion 2020, five-time World Series silver medallist, and World Cup stage silver medallist
Outdoor achievements include: Two-time Olympian (Rio and Tokyo), Olympic silver medallist at Tokyo, and World Championship medallist.


Bryony Pitman - World Ranked no. 37

Category: Recurve Women
Country: Great Britain
Indoor achievements include: World Cup stage silver medallist, European Championship silver medallist.
Outdoor achievements include: Toyko Olympian, World Cup stage team medallist, World Field Championship silver medallist, and European Field Championship bronze medallist.

At the 2019 Back to Back event, Bryony came in first place for the recurve women.


Alex Wise - World Ranked no. 157

Category: Recurve Men
Country: Great Britain
Indoor achievements include: Nimes World Cup recurve junior man champion, Vegas Shoot flight winner.
Outdoor achievements include: Toyko Olympic reserve, World Cup stage bronze team medallist.

At the 2019 Back to Back event, Alex finished in third place for the recurve men.
"The Back to Back is one of my favourite events because it's different," Wise said. "The extra pressure of having less time to shoot, on top of winning your match, makes for a very interesting and enjoyable competition."


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