March 20, 2018

Changes target a collaborative and connected approach

The structure of Archery GB is changing so that it can meet future challenges.

The Archery GB Board now fulfils a strategic function with operational details and activities being met by Archery GB staff.

This has brought about changes to the way things are run. Archery GB's operations committees no longer exist and the invaluable work they did is being realigned against the strategic objectives outlined in the Archery GB Strategic Plan 2016-2020:

  • To grow and sustain participation with effective facilities, coaching and competition strategies
  • To deliver and sustain Olympic and Paralympic targets
  • To reduce reliance on external funding.

These objectives have been refined to the following strategic outcomes or targets:

  1. Retention of members and reduction of churn among young people and existing adults
  2. Income generation and less reliance on agency funding, along with the identification and development of agreed ¬Ďnew' and niche audiences
  3. Provision of a quality experience re clubs, coaching and competition, plus ¬"customer experience¬Ē
  4. Athlete conversion from Pathway into Podium
  5. Medal success at major annual milestone internationals, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020.

The new structure means that Director of Sport David Tillotson now leads a Sport Team, connecting Participation, Pathway and Performance. It uses the key areas of clubs, coaching and competition, with designated specialist staff working together and collaboratively with our volunteers to ensure enjoyment, progression and a sense of achievement for all archers.

The future is bright but Archery GB knows that has been built on very strong foundations and is keen to retain the expertise, insights and contacts of all the committee members who have helped build the sport into what it is today.

Operations Committee chairmen and women have been invited to join the Archery GB Sport Team Strategic Advisory Group. It will meet twice a year to check and challenge the work of the Sport Team and deal with specific issues that may arise.

There will be focus groups for various membership segments and special interest groups concentrating on areas such as young people, disabilities and ethnicity. We would welcome anyone who wants to get involved in any of these areas. If you do please contact

The specialist and designated Archery GB staff responsible for club, coaching and competition strategies would welcome of expressions of interest in their respective areas.

If you are interested, the contacts for these areas are:


We plan to hold the first meeting of the AGB Sport Team Strategic Advisory Group on Saturday 7 April 2018, 11-2pm at Becketts Farm, Wythall B47 6AJ, with the arrival time of 10:30am, the meeting starts at 11am.

The Sport Team will present and update you on the plans and developments in their areas, after which we will open up the room for discussion and insight from members of the SAG.

We would like to invite any members who would like to attend and observe the meeting to come along, if you are interested please contact by Thursday 22 March, 2018.

The functions and competencies of the SAG can be found below.


Along with the changes in structure and responsibilities, we have made some changes to our communication channels. Apart from the specialisms of Judges and Rules, which will move to and all other previous Chairman email addresses will be transferred to relevant AGB colleagues, who will also continue to engage with the relevant people.

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