January 06, 2023

Easyfundraising competition winners announced!

Congratulations to the two winners of our easyfundraising competition, the University of Huddersfield AC and the Bowmen of Glen in Leicestershire! Both clubs will receive £100.

These clubs were chosen as winners after sending in their stories about how they have raised their donations and what they used the money for. 

University of Huddersfield Archery Club

The University of Huddersfield AC has only been using easyfundraising for just under two years but in that time have raised over £100 in extra funds, which has improved the club substantially. It is sometimes hard to raise money independently as a university club, or have money to reinvest in club development as their finances fall under the Student Union accounts. However, as they were also the recipient of funds from the Archery GB Club Support Fund, they are going to use the money they raise through easyfundraising as part of their club contributions to support one member through Session Coach training.

They have raised donations through everyday shopping: office supplies, weekly groceries, take away deliveries, clothing and beauty purchases, renewing phone contracts and insurance policies, or train and coach tickets. Around Christmastime, they raised money when shopping for gifts with Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and asked family members who needed to make high-value purchases (for example through Apple or Microsoft – lucky recipients!) to use the link. Club members with disabilities have also raised money with Complete Care, a mobility store, bringing the club extra cash when purchasing disability equipment or mobility aids.

The donation reminder app and plug-in for browsers reminds supporters if they want to raise a donation when they click onto one of now 7000 involved websites. The club say that they have sometimes been pleasantly surprised to discover a new website supports donations, too.

Bowmen of Glen

Bowmen of Glen have not limited their supporters to just club members – they have 30 people using easyfundraising, made up of members, friends, family and work colleagues. As well as promoting their fundraising through a link on their website, they motivate and update their supporters on how much has been collectively raised, plus the latest number of supporters, to keep it fresh in everyone’s minds.

The latest easyfundraising communications are also shared with their supporters, so that they can make the most of regular offers and additional campaigns. They have raised over £300 and are hoping to continue to grow their support in future.


Congratulations to both clubs for their proactive approaches to using easyfundraising.

As you can see, using the easyfundraising partnership with Archery GB is a simple and straightforward way to raise club donations through online purchases. Is there a way your club can refresh your use of easyfundraising to raise more donations or attract more support? If your club is not already raising money this way, you could join and put potential funds towards equipment, volunteer training, entry fees and anything else needed!

More information here: https://archerygb.org/clubs/club-guides/fundraising-for-your-club/easyfundraising or sign up your club here.



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